Level 60 in 362 straight days of reviews

Congrats, and thanks for such a great post!

I just made the painful decision to reset to level 1 (from 13) after way too long away. I’ll try to channel some of your consistency, and some of the scripts you’ve shared will really help me to get the most out of it this time around too. It’s extremely helpful to see so many of them described succinctly in one place. I’m gonna start ripping through the new tabs I’ve opened those up in now. Thanks!


@BenJoNoBen Scripts are a way to enhance the WK experience! Amazing other users have written bits of code using the WK API (an interface to WK provided by its creators for this purpose!) to add (or remove) functionality. Scripts can do anything from displaying extra information on your dashboard or during lessons, to allowing you to choose what kinds of lessons (radical/kanji/vocab) you want to tackle, to changing the color scheme of the site! I hope my list of scripts can provide a starting point for imagining what’s possible, but there are many more scripts out there. (I provided a link above to a list that gives links to many.)

If you’re interested in trying them out, this is a guide on how to install scripts:


@Brachan Thank you! :sweat_smile: Consistency is definitely one of the most useful tools on this journey! It’s not always fun, but it certainly gets results.

Now I just have to figure out how to be half as consistent at everything else…

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What are some useful scripts that you would like to share with the rest of us on this journey?

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op has a list of scripts in main post (in the “Scripts!” dropdown)


Amazing! I’ve been stuck on level 49 longer than you took to make it all the way to level 60. Thanks for sharing.


When i started wk and i saw all those very quick people that reach level 60 in one year i was amazed.
But now, not anymore. Because all of them are using some kind of reorder script, your level might be 60 but what about all that vocab you left behind…
How long will it take you to complete what left ? One more year ?

Congratulations on this great achievement!
Your journey is very impressive, and your post is an ode to consistency and motivation, two essential keys for all of us.
Let’s keep doing our best!

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I really appreciate your post. It has inspired me to delve into the scripts. I’ve loaded “Lesson Filter”, and I would like it to order radicals first, then new kanji-- like you were doing. I gather that I need to manually edit the script to get it to do that (is this correct?). Is there an article that explains how I would do that? I have looked, but can’t find one. The “Visual Guide on How to Install a User Script” just says “make edits”, which is not helpful. TIA

Keep in mind reordering is not recommanded by the author of wanikani.
At one point you take the risk of having too much vocab behind, vocab is here to help you fix the kanji in your brain.
Try to see if it’s working for you, but i noticed that the level i did fast were the one i dont remember anything.
At the end you dont do wk to be the quickest , but to learn something and keep it in your memory that what this webapp is intended for.
For me speedrun is just a challenge to extend the life of something, let said you finished wanikani and want to see how long it will take you to finish it the fastest you can. It’s not something you should do first.
If you want to only learn the kanji the fastest you can there more appropried method to do it like remembering the kanji or kklc .


Thank you for that input. I was wondering about exactly the points you raise, and am taking note. I’d still love to figure out how to make these scripts work-- the ConfusionGuesser is the other one that I wanted to get working, for a start.

You need two plugin to make it work serach in the forum there is tutos to start with script some require you to input your wanikani api key.

One last thing, the author is probably lvl 60 but that because wk taking into account radical and the kanji for leveling up, what if wk took a part of vocab as well ?
What i mean is the author is probably 60 but at the end he will need close to same amount of time than the regular leveler who is around level 30 to burn everything.

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You’re right in the sense that I’ve seen people skipping vocab (to very different degrees) and reaching level 60 in 1 year. But that does not take the merit out of them (even if I still agree they shouldn’t have skipped vocab).

I would also be careful with affirming that everyone skipped vocab. Personally, I did all the vocab until the very end. The author themselves, have their profile to prove they’re up to date with vocab as well:

The percentage refers to 97% of vocab being Guru or above. As you can see, the other 3% is pretty much on apprentice, which means that the author did indeed learn their vocab and should be congratulated for that.


In this case he’s truly a genius :call_me_hand:.

I sometime feel too quick and iam more around 2 week and more to make a level, i feel too quick because in this time i dont have time to learn grammar and other aspect such vocal comprehension and so on . wanikani is just one side of the language, it’s another thing to take in consideration. I found that bunpro was a good addition to wanikani but there’s even more stuff to add to be complete.

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I just finished the last 20 vocab, so it took a week - which is the minimum time required since level 60 has a radical that unlocks a kanji that unlocks a couple vocab. (This week was pretty light though because I entered level 60 with 0 lessons.) Certainly I could have shot for level 60 by ignoring/putting off vocab, but I found them to be a really important part of remembering the kanji and an important value of the site :slight_smile:

@chrstjrn It shouldn’t require a manual edit - when the script is running, there’s a box that shows up on the bottom of every lesson page where you can fill in a number for each of radicals, kanji, and vocab to indicate how many of each you want to get in the current lesson set. Just fill in those boxes and hit the “filter” button! There are images in the script thread’s first post, I believe. And I actually used the script to do new kanji along with vocab for the first few days of a level - spreading out the kanji and making sure not to leave vocab behind - so hopefully that addresses some of your concern in using it! I definitely recommend doing vocab along the way.

The other aspects of the language are really important and should definitely not be ignored. I have a huge respect for people who are doing all the pieces at the same time, and especially for anyone who doesn’t have multiple hours per day for Japanese study, doing so requires a slower pace for sure. As I mentioned in my original post, a big part of how I got away with this speedy approach was having a background of Japanese study already - I came in with a decent amount of grammar (and some kanji knowledge) from 2.5 years of college-level study. This has allowed me to “ignore” formal grammar study while doing WK, opting for “light” reading (manga) to help boost retention, which wouldn’t be possible without grammar, at least for me.



I did a fast to level 50 (there was no 60 when I started) then 60 but I slacked on vocab. I erased my progress recently and am paying all my attention to vocab this time, it is impossible to keep the same schedule, haha. Vocab just has nightmarish numbers of reviews to contend.

I’m curious what anyone’s fast full 100% is?


Thanks for posting this! Inspirational.

The suggestions re: Niai 似合い and Jitai 字体 scripts in particular made my day. I suspect I’ll be using the lesson filter in the future as well, but WK defaults seem to be working well for me now.


Thanks very much!

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Really, how is it possible to advance that quickly? The WaniKani process is so slow, with reviews coming in a a set amount daily, so how do you do it?

Ps. I’m not a beginner, just went back to level 1 from 42 recently…