Level 60 - 350 days of speed

I do a similar thing (I only fail a kanji in the early stages if I really fail to remember it completely) and I think it’s really positive overall because I find that some kanji I manage to remember on their own (like, say, 力) while other I remember better as part of a vocabulary word (like, say, 結). So sometimes getting to the vocab finally makes the kanji click.

I also have made an anki deck to teach me how to draw the kanji but it doubles as extra kanji practice which I find helpful to avoid mistakes in WK.

I also autopass all radicals all the time because who cares.

I see in your stats that you did most levels in 6days 20h. But doesn’t that mean that you ended up having some level cycles end up in the middle of the night? I do 7days/level right now and I can’t really go faster unless I set an alarm at 4am to do reviews…


At any rate congrats by the way, it’s a real achievement. Shows a great amount of discipline and perseverance. My current objective is doing 7days/level until the end, and that already feels a bit daunting…

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Congratulations and it always amazes me that it’s possibly hit 60 so quickly. My memory is utterly hopeless so I have to take my time or I’ll be doing reviews 24/7. Still, some day in the distant future I too shall be 60. Hopefully before I’m 60 years old…


Congratulations :partying_face:

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It’s true. I did, in fact, wake up many times in the middle of the night for the purpose of advancing kanji. This wasn’t as bad for my overall sleep as you might think, but achieving enough consciousness to actually complete the reviews was sometimes a challenge. Sometimes I wouldn’t wake up to my alarms, resulting in the levels that were less fast (I also occasionally forgot).

Thank you! 7 days/level is a very good pace and is a lot more sane than waking up like I did. What were your thoughts on when you eventually make it to the fast levels? Would you still do 7 days or faster? The fast levels were where I struggled the most.

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Thank you!

There’s no shame in going slow. Even with poor memory, you probably have a better grasp on what you’ve learned so far than I have.

Thank you!