Level 21 before 2021!

Congrats tankwidow san :clap: you are officially legal in Kanji :wink:



I know you already figure it out, but also, If you count the pink squares, there are 33.

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Embarrassingly, I never bothered to count the pink squares earlier :sweat_smile: Everything makes sense now, Thanks Amagi san :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha that makes me really happy to think of it that way. Thanks!


Level 13 complete!


Finally made it to level 21!
Thank you guys for the motivation and see you all on the top of Tokyo Skytree!


I forgot about this! I hit level 17 last year and then fell off hard. I reset myself to level 0 on April 29th. Well a few days ago, October 18th, I hit level 21! 173 days. I would have had it a week-ish earlier but there were some leeches driving me nuts that I wanted to really buckle down on and handle before moving on again. After all, its not a race, the point is to really learn this stuff. My original post said “aiming for level 25” and I’m pretty sure I’ll get that. I’ll probably end up somewhere between 25 and 30.

I’m glad I posted in here. I was happy to get out of Painful tier and into Death tier, but knowing I hit a goal that I set a while ago is another mini-celebration and thus more encouragement to keep at it.

Congrats to everyone else that has made it and those that will! (and for those that won’t make it, just keep on keeping on, you’ll get there when it time). Those of us that make it to level 21 ought to set another goal thread or two next year :slight_smile:

Sorry if this was a bit long and rambling, I’m just happy lol, this is my third time going through WK and the furthest I’ve gotten and I really see no end in sight, third time might be the charm.


You guys…


See you all in 死 - and in SKYTREEEEEEEEE!!!


Somewhere along the line…

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 8.40.41 PM

I realized that I’ve learn basically 25% of all the items. I’m almost a forth of the way there!


With so many people graduating from the thread (おめでとう、 みんなさん!)I wanted to reach out too all my fellow “forecast: 21”, just in time, ぎりぎりセーフ people – I hope you are all doing well, and staying on target! There are 71 days left in 2020 for us to make it to level 21. I find myself often doing the math, and checking wkstats to see how much I can rest. I have to level up around every 12 days in order to make it, which isn’t easy for me. You 仲間 that just joined, and/or are doing full speed are so admirable! Let’s all do our best to not run out of steam and graduate together in December, ぎりぎりセーフ style!




(sorry I could only mention 10 users in my post!!)


Yo I’m still going. Level 13 now… should be at 14 tomorrow. Haven’t done the math but I should be very close to 21 on Jan 1.


Congrats Chewt san :tropical_drink:

One more step to awesomeness :love_you_gesture:t2:

I have not realized that your profile picture is a kawaii kitty coming out of a Banana :scream_cat: It is so cute :grin: and love the “United States of Smasshhhhhh” reference on your profile :raised_hands:t2:

Hearty congratulations on your graduation vergl san :partying_face: You have graduated :star_struck: I admire your drive to start the next leg of your journey :ok_hand:


おめでとう justindt san :confetti_ball:

You have worked hard to learn and now it is time to let your hair down, put on some music and parttyyyyy :partying_face:


We are sure you will clear the last boss this time :raised_hands:t2: Good luck with the rest of your journey justindt san :crossed_fingers:

Yay :grin: Milestones!!


Thanks! I put that there just in case anyone ever stumbled upon my profile. I’m glad it actually happened!


Looks like I’m not going to make it to 21 before the end of the year. I’ve reorganized my Japanese time a bit to include other sources like podcasts, Genki 1 + BunPro, and using my new kanji knowledge trying out some graded readers. Which is awesome but has slowed down my Wanikani progression.

I’m about 12 weeks back after being on hiatus for 6 months. I’m settling into a good routine with WK and have beaten my reviews into something manageable and am back to doing new lessons everyday (at a slower rate than before). I’m likely looking at closer to 15-20 days per level than the 10 days I was managing before.

On the other hand, I’m definitely benefiting from what kanji knowledge I’ve gained already. The first time I tried grammar, I had no kanji knowledge and I struggled. Each box of lines looked very much like every other box of black lines and my brain could not differentiate between them at all. Now I can read a large portion of the kanji in my grammar studies and even the kanji I don’t know are easier to pick apart the pieces to remember later so I can tell them apart.

I may only make it to level 15 or so by the New Year, but with my handy dandy lifetime subscription, I’m not losing anything by playing durtle and doing this slow and steady. Hopefully this way I won’t need to Hare my way into another 6 month nap. :sweat_smile: The catching up in the aftermath sucks.

Congratulations to those who have hit their goal of level 21, and I’ll be waving encouragement to those who are still pushing their way to that goal. :partying_face: :tada:


Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! Level 16 now, by the way :blush: I’ll log off later to set it right. I have to take a few days away from lessons to decrease my guru items, but I’m still going to do my best to reach the goal!



It’s my time to graduate…

How I feel at the moment…


I was a bird flying without direction before I found this thread. This is the first place I called “Home” in the WaniKani community. Your regular presence, tips, encouragement, achievements, frustrations and celebrations gave me the strength to move forward, step by step. I am 100% sure that without all of you to support me, I wouldn’t have made it this far. So, I take this chance to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and love you have showered on me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: みんなさん本当にありがとうございます Going forward I will be in your care as well. Please take care of me よろしくおねがいします :bowing_woman: :bowing_man:




みんなさんがんばれ :raised_hands:t2:



おめでとうございます @KyokaJiro さん!
Congratulations , you have reached 21!
Passing painful train, gain 3x fold from 7 to 21 :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you for supporting and caring all of us.

Nothing can’t thank enough (repeatedly press F)

See you in other climb!


Thanks for your kind words Koro san :slightly_smiling_face: They mean a lot to me :+1: Love the images :ok_hand:

Yep. Joined the wiki on Tokyo Sky Tree today :grin:




(Sorry I’m late. Uni has been hell)