Level 10-11 hit different

Well, since nobody has mentioned it, you might want to back off on lessons for a while if you haven’t already. It’s common for people to get in the habit of doing all their lessons as soon as they’re available in the earlier levels, then pay for it when they get a few more months under their belt.

Since you’re about two months in, you’re likely seeing a fair number of Master-stage reviews that you haven’t reviewed for a full month. This adds to your load even though you’ve demonstrated that you already “learned” those items. There’s a huge difference between reviewing something you just saw a week or two ago and something you’ve not seen in a month. Just wait until “enlightened” items start appearing in your review queue.

Trust me you’ll likely see many of those “mastered” items again numerous times over the coming months (I’ve some items I’ve reviewed nearly a hundred times).

What does the SRS stage breakdown of your assignment queue look like?

At the risk of self-promotion, I wrote a script called the GanbarOmeter that attempts to make managing your lesson speed more straightforward.