Let's Play: Bravely Default II Demo

The Bravely Default II Demo is out on Nintendo Switch, and I figured this would be a good chance to do a play through and learn some Japanese. I will be updating the main post as I go along and reserving the first couple of replies. I’ve never tried this format here before so let’s see how it goes.

Note: The screenshots are at home on my Switch, so I’ll be uploading those later on. For now, I’ve been watching let’s plays to get the text so I’ll change the placeholders once I do that.

About the game

Bravely Default II was developed by Silicon Studio and published by Square Enix and Nintendo. It’s an old school JRPG with a unique battle mechanic and an interesting story. I’ll go over the battle stuff when we get there, but it’s got a great pedigree and should be a good game overall.

How the Let's Play is going to work

This is basically going to be shown via screenshots of the game as we go through. I’ll write some commentary for each and go over the translations.

Japanese Translation

I’ll be providing the original game text and then my own translation as far as I can manage. The English will be in spoiler tags as will the furigana. I was going to provide a summary of the original localization, but I think it just makes everything look a bit too messy. I can probably provide these later if anyone is really interested.

I’m going to do my best with the translation without using anything other than Jisho and maybe DeepL, so feel free to comment and correct anything you see that’s wrong or just off.

Spoiler Rules
It’s a new game and the demo story is an offshoot of the main game, so I don’t think we need to worry too much about spoilers.

Anyway, here goes.


The start screen has the following simple text:

Start a new story

Once you choose to begin a game, a splash screen shows up with a message from the developers:


Thanks for downloading!

この先行体験版は、ブレイブリーデフォルト II の基本形を
短時間であそんでいただけるようにした ”特別バージョン” です

This pre-release version of Bravely Default II demo is a basic form,
It’s a “special version” that you can play in a short time.


The story has original content.


There are also battles that let you combine jobs and abilities


In order to get the most use out of Brave and Default
The difficulty has been turned up


Please enjoy the various ways to play the game

The game begins with an overview of the story so far.


Fire, Water, Air, Earth –

4つのクリスタルで世界の調和を見守っていた国 ”ミューサ”

The country that watches over the harmony of the world using 4 crystals, “Muse”


But, by evil people’s works,


The crystals were stolen, the fate of the country was in peril


So after some years


In each country, the crystals seemed to cause strange events to begin

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Vocab and Unusual Kanji
I’m only level 29, so I’m not sure how unusual some of these are, but they were ones that stood out to me.

体験版たいけんばん - demo version, and I believe adding 先行 to the front means pre-realease demo

難易度なんいど - The Kanji are all familiar, but when relating to games, this is difficulty level. And I’m sure most people who play video games should be familiar with 難易度チューニング.

蹂躙じゅうりん - Trampling down.

異変いへん - Strange event.

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It’s time to meet our protagonists


Princess Gloria


The Muse, Princess Gloria, was in hiding


And she decided to make a journey to return the crystal


The last princess of the dead country of Muse
(I’m beginning to think Muse is the name Musa and not “Muse”, or maybe the royal family name?)


On her harsh journey, she is joined by 3 companions



船乗りの青年 セス

A young sailor, Seth (I cheated and looked up his name)


He journeys to find a spellbook left behind by his master



学者 エルヴィス

Scholar, Elvis


Looking for Elvis??, we’ll look for an asterisk??
(Cheated again, “Elvis hired someone to help him look for stones called Asterisks”)
(Maybe it’s a placeholder in the demo?)



傭兵 アデル

Mercenary Adele


They arrived together

”サヴァロン” と呼ばれる王都であった。。。

At a royal capital called Savaron?

Fantastic translation so far imo! :clap: I’ve never heard of this game; it sounds interesting (and of course very FF-esque)!

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And here we are in the city of Savalon

Regarding the controls in the upper right:

オート再生 here is for automatic playback. You can let the dialogue continue automatically without input if you just want to sit back and read the story. 再生 is interesting here because I know both Kanji and can figure out what they mean when used together in this context even though the literal translation is “automatically live again”.
スキップ is self explanatory if you’re used to JRPG dialog boxes.

Moving forward, I won’t spoiler the interface parts since they take a bit of explaining and the translations are fairly simple.

Our protagonists leave the ship and have a conversation before heading into town:


Here we are, Savalon


It will be hard to cross the desert


Gloria, are you ok?


Don’t worry


I don’t think about the difficulty of the journey




I’ve visited this town before many times but


I’ve never seen the water overflow like this


The crystal’s influence maybe?

はい、どうやらこの国に “水のクリスタル” が

Yes, there’s a water crystal in this country


It was brought here if i’m not mistaken

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