Let's persuade Wanikani to add more levels

As a brand new user, my main thoughts are that the resource takes too long to get into the good stuff. Now I know this is cause of the SRS thing or whatever, but I’m sure quite a few users already know some stuff on kanji, so I think that maybe doing a Competency test may help (I think they use something similar for Duolingo but I Tried and it doesn’t do much) so that those who have a basic grasp of radicals or maybe a more intimate knowledge of kanji can “get into the thick of it” and have more lessons catered to their level.

I didn’t read the whole thread so maybe this has been said before, but I’d be happy with one or two additional levels just to 100% all of the jouyou kanji!

I wonder how many of the people asking for more levels are still around?


I wonder how many of the people asking for more levels are level 60?


There are a nonzero number of us!


Frankly, I just get annoyed when I see the Reading charts on wkstats. The completionist in me is unhappy when I look at them and the marketeer in me is sad to see such a missed opportunity for marketing: “learn all Joyo Kanji”, “learn all the Kanji students know when they graduate from high school”… I’m not speaking to the usefulness of those Kanji, but to the blatantly missed opportunity.

It also feels like laziness to not put in the one Kanji that’s left out to be as Kanji-literate as a 6th grader. Talk of low hanging fruit.


I agree.

But they have the will to introduce new kanji in the next few weeks/month, so who knows how it will go.
The missing kanji can be divided and set on the existing levels, there are a few level with a lot less items already.

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Sooo… minus 1?


I’m also pro-adding more levels, especially to have all the joyo kanji! (If the finances permit it, of course! WK is great even now!)

I’m all up for learning more, and I don’t think I’ll feel any different when I’ll reach level 60 :eyes: I simply love WaniKani and how effective it is in learning kanji… Don’t think I’ll be as efficient learning kanji by myself :rofl::sob:

I think it would be nice to add them so whoever wants to do them, can just do them, and whoever doesn’t want them, they can just ignore them.

I really wish this thread will die but if it does not…The only thing that would make sense it would be to allow for user made up levels. Instead of adding additional readings, the users would enter the whole info for the kanji or vocabulary. So users could add kanji that it is important for them (for professional or particular interests).

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Anki / kitsun fills that need.


I’ve shared this several times already but might as well put on this thread: The Lost WK Levels: 61-70 on Kitsun.io

I used WK’s radical bases to create custom mnemonics similar to here on the remaining 常用漢字 kanji from WK stats and you can operate in a level system via tag filtering. I haven’t finished SRS’n but I’m at ~ ‘L67’ now and my impression is that there is a mixture of usefulness; there are alot of nature based kanji which transitions very well to 人名用漢字 and are very common and some where I’m not sure when it/if will be useful. And though there are some useful vocab, some are not which is yet to be revealed as I grow as a learner…I’m willing to take that risk which is only my time. Some of historical/cultural frequency so I think it would depend on your reading interests or if living abroad to encounter.

This lends itself well to Kitsun’s platform to filter however one pleases but I think it would generally be a disaster here on WK given the complaints how one can’t control it, particularly with a system that gate keeps base on vocab progress on content that may not lend itself well to vocab reinforcement. I don’t feel it’s a waste of time as long as I still find kanji in the wild that still don’t know (which I do) and the commitment to a ‘ten level’ deck is not that high. And if I don’t want to do a particular vocab, I just hibernate it. I also tracking kanji that is not on the lost level deck (or WK) which are many yet learn. For me, it was more of a matter being at reasonably familiar of the reading and usage, not kanji kentei or anything at this stage.


But then how would people be able to show they are better than everyone else if levels lose their meaning? :open_mouth:

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How does the Kitsun SRS intervals work? Can one set same intervals as the ones WK has?

I believe the default is close to WK with similar penalties (ex. Enlightenment → Guru)…I don’t have these memorized but here is how they show up which can be changed in either community or personal decks.

Scatter percentage, I don’t use it so I’m borrowing @neicul message description from the boards which helps un-batch cards learned at same time: “Scatter: entering a percentage here will scatter your reviews. So say your next interval is 10 days and your percentage is 10%, this means that the next review would come anywhere in between 9 days and 11 days from now”


There’s a non-zero, non-negative integer of us!

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I wouldn’t be so sure about the “integer” part. I’m quite complex.

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Complex numbers can be integers too. Perhaps what you’re trying to say is that you’re irrational. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you saying I have no… Imagination? :sunglasses:

Well played, sir :joy:

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I think people overestimate how useful learning all the joyo kanji is. There are a number of kanji on the joyo list that aren’t commonly used and Japanese people don’t necessarily know all the joyo kanji (even though they’re theoretically “supposed” to learn them all in high school)

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