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Yeah, I think a lot of us here use the lesson filter script for reordering our lessons, and many of us use it for this exact reason.

I also was against reordering lessons when I started out, but then I realized that I could use the script to spread out the kanji reviews so that they were less difficult for me. So I started using the lesson filter script so that I could learn 3-4 kanji a day alongside 9-10 vocab lessons. This means I only have to learn a few kanji a day, and I can give each of them a little more focus than if I was trying to learn them in huge clumps of 10. This also gives me time to practice learning how to write each kanji I learn by hand.

The other benefit is it means I don’t have to chew through a huge backlog of vocab lessons once I level up (which was a problem when I was doing just 10 lessons a day, following WK’s ordering), because instead of having a whole bunch of kanji reach guru around the same time, usually I just have 3-4 reach guru each day and bring in a small amount of new vocab lessons instead of dozens and dozens. I can get around to doing a smaller batch of lessons in a much more timely manner than if I was trying to wade through a batch of 70!

This allows me to do the associated vocab lessons a lot sooner after I guru the kanji, which is helpful for retention. I’m not quite as precise about that timing as @DurtleHeaven is, but it’s an improvement over what I was doing when I first started WK for sure.

I think if you are dreading your kanji lessons this much, it might benefit you to try spacing them out a little with this script? The problems with lesson reordering come from people using scripts to skip vocab lessons and level up artificially soon, not using them to deliberately delay the kanji lessons, haha, so you should be completely fine in that regard, if you’re worried about accidentally creating a lesson backlog.

The trick to keeping things even is to aim for roughly 1:3 ratio of kanji to vocab (since there are a little over 2,000 kanji and currently about 6,400 vocab), though of course you’ll run out of kanji at the end of the level and just have vocab for a few days until you guru the last kanji necessary for leveling up. I treat those days as a nice reward for getting through the level :blush: