Leech Squashing

I don’t know if there’s exceptions, however I generally use the rule of thumb that す ending verbs are transitive, and the other pair is an intransitive verb. You still need to remember both of the verb pairs, however you won’t have a hard time differentiating which is transitive and which is not.

求人 (きゅうじん)keeps getting me. For 人 ones I try to make up mnemonics with jeans or genes or ninjas. Sometimes it works, but not for this one. From now on I’m gonna try to remember 進撃の求人 (…y’know, like Shingeki No Kyojin, Attack on Titan? I don’t even watch/read it). I know it doesn’t make any grammatical sense, but hey, it phonetically connects something I know with something I can’t otherwise remember.

On a similar note, for 芸人(げいにん), I think about a comedian telling jokes about gainin’ weight.

At level 32 you will learn “giant” kanji which is used in 進撃(しんげき)巨人(きょじん). It’s reading is きょ, not きゅう, so relying on this right now is less than optimal.
Just think that all people who are hired by “Help wanted” sign at the shop door are probably not wearing business suits, but rather jeans.

As for (きゅう) reading, it is phonetic marker, so (きゅう) is read the same way, and one more kanji in coming levels. So remembering it’s reading gives you triple reward.

The two vocabulary in question are: 朝日 and 明日. Well… it’s actually only 朝日, I always end up answering with “tomorrow” and “あした”; and it’s not because I don’t know the meaning or reading, it’s because 朝日 triggers a Japanese reading disorder, I answer too fast and get them wrong.

Worst thing, I have an add-on that allows me to override incorrect answers as a weapon against brain-farts like this. I’m just too stubborn to use it with 朝日.

I will get it right… and the morning sun shall greet me with its tender rays.


I’m really hating 交ぜる、交わる、交じる… Pronunciation is easy-sih but between mix, mingle, be mixed, I cannot stand it anymore. I always confused them all.
I don’t get why I can’t remember those one in particular but they’ve been cluttering in my reviews since Level 8. :persevere:

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