Learning to speak fluent 日本語

is anyone else on WaniKani using the Genki series alongside their WaniKani studies as i am trying but am finding it rather hard to get to my Genki work as WaniKani seems to be very demanding of my free time, im just a simple ozzy wanting to learn to speak japanese :frowning:


Have you already read through any of the guides on how to manage your WaniKani workload? Such as keeping your Apprentice items under 100, how many lessons per day you should do, etc?

One of the great things about WaniKani is that you get to decide how much time you put into it. Reviews are the most important thing to keep up on - if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, cut back on lessons and you will free up some time.

Also, here’s a link to some great info in case you haven’t seen this one yet :slight_smile:

~> My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )


I’d scale back on the Wanikani if that’s the case. My personal opinion, if general fluency is the goal you should not be spending more than 50% of your study time on Kanji, even less once you’ve got a good knowledge of the 1000 or so most commonly used characters. Reading and writing are only one part of mastering a language, and in a way, useless if you don’t have the grammar and vocab to back it up.

I learned to read the Cyrillic and Devanagari alphabets as a kid, but still know virtually no Russian or Hindi. Kanji is important, but don’t let it crowd out the other aspects of the language.


I agree that there is nothing wrong with slowing down on WK lessons. ^^ Grammar is just as important.

If your grammar lags behind too much, you can’t start reading. WK’s system is set up with the expectation that you’ll be trying to use what you learn, and that you’ll start reading to keep your kanji knowledge fresh.

Finding a balance can be tricky, but very much worth it as you get to the point of putting your Japanese skills into action, which will motivate you to keep slogging through more grammar and WK work. Stay flexible, and add / drop / slow down parts of your study routine as needed.