Learning through Translating: ブラックジャックによろしく episode 4: 夏雲

Ah, I was thinking of a “Learning through Translating: NHK” thread, that would be intermittently active (when someone wants to do it, bring a new message about an article, and for a couple of days the article is analyzed).

Maybe such thread even already exists…

EDIT: Indeed:

@_Marcus :

@_Marcus: as you created the "NHK Easy News" thread...

do you think it would be OK to use it for “heavy” grammar dissection of the articles (that is, not just asking an occasional post about one word not understood, but grammar parsing of the whole sentences, and possibly search of the word on a native dictionnary, copying back the definitions in Japanese, well, something like 5-10 posts of the kind you can see here, per NHK article.