Kumon Japanese Correspondence Course — Do you have any experience?


Hi everyone! This is my first new topic, so I hope I’m not doing this incorrectly.^^

I’ve already searched through the forums and found this very similar thread, but since the last post was in 2015 I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask again.

Anyway, I’ve been living in northern Japan for the past two years in a city that shockingly has no Japanese-for-foreigners tutors or resources available. I’ve been wanting to improve my Japanese for everyday living (I understand most things in my day-to-day life, but have trouble responding accurately) and eventually so I can parlay my knowledge into daily life/grad school/company life in a bigger city down south.

About Kumon Correspondence Courses

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I’m wondering if anyone here has taken the Kumon Japanese Correspondence Course, and if you think it would be beneficial to my situation? I’ve noticed many online resources are more geared towards beginner learners. Some even give me the impression that they don’t expect learners to ever progress into more advanced territory, so I’m wondering if Kumon takes the Japanese learner seriously. If I could, I would be devoting a significant portion of my energy in the classroom learning the old-fashioned way, so I’m not sure if Kumon tries to replicate this environment or not.

Did you find it useful? Do you have a recommendation for supplementing it with another textbook (I’m self-studying with Tobira now, but it’s slow going), service, or online resource? Is it worth my time at all? I know it’s expensive, but unless there’s a better option available, I’m not too concerned about the cost.

Thank you in advance for any advice or opinions, and I appreciate your help! :partying_face:


My cousins have used the Kumon correspondence service to catch up to their level in high school math. I think it really helped.

I’d be interested to know if anyone else is going to try this out, it looks promising. It always helps to have someone to push you to keep going!


Thanks for your reply @Kraits!

I also have many students who do the Kumon program for various subjects, and remember it existing when I was a child myself. I’m glad to hear the system helped your cousins - if there’s some utility in being held accountable that way, then I think I’ll sign up myself!


Hi, I just the started the Kumon Japanese class course ( in Tokyo). I chose it so I could have some structure to my studies and accountability. Left to my own devices I find a million other things to do besides studying Japanese. I like the printed material provided by Kumon and the audio that you can download and listen to over and over. I also like that they have a path/ curriculum laid out to advance you forward. Personally, I’m not sure how beneficial the 2 center visits a week will be. I’m a middle-age woman and the center is full of kids. But I want to have a chance to have my worked checked and read the material with the teacher. I can go to my center 7 times a month, the correspondence course is twice I month. I would choose the correspondence course if it had more one on one activity. Since you mentioned no schools in your area, I think the curriculum is good and you can keep advancing. If the twice a month teacher interaction is enough for you, I’d say it’s worth the price. I hope that helped.


Hi! I’m curious — what’s in the Kumon Japanese Course?


Kumon uses their curriculum to teach kanji, vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening and speaking. If you do a class course you go to a center 6-8 times a month. A teacher will check your homework and then you read aloud your lessons. Then you get more homework and repeat the process. There is audio to go with the lessons that you can download or listen online. They encourage you to study aloud until you can repeat the audio that matches the lesson content. They give you enough homework to last you until your next center visit. You are supposed to do one homework set a day, which is 5-10 pages. If you don’t have a Kumon center near you they have a correspondence course and your work material is mailed to you and you mail it back. You meet with a teacher via Skype twice a month to review your homework and read your lessons. If you are good at self-study you may not need this course. I’m terrible at it and need structure so that is why I’m trying it. It cost about $85-100 per month which isn’t bad, if it keeps me motivated and moving forward. Please let me know if you have more questions. By the way, since I do WK my vocabulary was high but my Kanji writing is low, she let me start at my vocab level but you will have to write Kanji with this course. It’s something I could do without but hey I’m wilingl to do it if I can keep progressing in my Japanese skills. BK