Kawabata Reading group - currently reading 日向 starting p27

@MikeSugs. Probably not beginner friendly. But due to the shortness of the stories, easier than a Murakami novel or something.

A note on ordering:

I’m in the US. Amazon.co.jp delivers to me in a week or so using regular shipping, that is usually alot faster than a japanese seller on Amazon.com. There are also a number of used options on Amazon.com (under “other buying options”) that are from US used book sellers and they will arrive quicker as well.

It seem that there is a reasonable level of interest in doing this:

Do you all want to shoot for June 1st as the official start date, to give folks time to get a copy?

I’m fine the 1 June as a start date. I had ordered the one you mentioned and will have it next week.

I might start reading already. Will we start at the beginning or do you have a specific order in mind?

I won’t have my copy by then. Give people a bit more chance at least?
My estimate was June 5 - June 20th

I was thinking just start with the first one. I think they are ordered in the chronological order that he wrote them.

and for @Abstormal and others: I will track down a digital copy of the first story and post it on pastebin (or something like that) for folks that haven’t gotten their physical copy yet.

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Just asking since there hasn’t been a post here in two weeks. Do we still have plans to start this on the 1st?

After reading a lot of book-reading threads on wanikani, and not participating in any of them due to my low level, I think I should join for this one.
I have ordered my book, hopefully I can start with you guys from 1st June. :smiley:

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Could someone please post a couple of sample pages? I bought Hataraku Maousama to read with the Intermediate group but it is quite a step up in terms of vocab, and I am not sure I’ll be able to keep up. So if this is a tad easier (the shorter chapters/stories sound helpful!) that might be a better choice for me.

Also, could someone please move this thread to the new Reading section? I missed it entirely when it was first made.

Thank you :grin:

Here you go
This is a text version of the amazon sample

Honestly, it would surprise me if a light novel was somehow harder than actual Japanese literature but who knows

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You guys might want to move this topic to the new #japanese-language:reading section. :slight_smile:


its still my intention to start on the first

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Same here. My book has already arrived. I plan to try to read the first story over the weekend.

My book arrived today, yay!
I “read” the first story on the train and realised I will be spending lots more time in the company of my best friend Jisho. :laughing::scream:
@missmisc are you able to set up a vocab spreadsheet for this group like the one we use for Kiki? If I’m going to look up vocab I figure I may as well share my efforts!


Here you go ^^


どうもありがとう :slight_smile:

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@MissMisc thank you so much!!! This is so useful. 助かります!:blush:

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Okay so I purchased the book that @oyotta linked. I put it up on Floflo. You guys can still write down vocab manually if you want since it’s not like my website is 100% accurate.

Anyway, I assume we’re going to start with the first story 骨拾い, right? When are we aiming to have it finished by?


I am interested. I also just joined the beginners book club so I’m not sure how many reading session I can manage comfortably (having a full time job doesn’t help…). But, yeah, having another resource for reading is always good! Count me in!

So great, lets go.
First story, two weeks starting tomorrow.

A question: Should we move this thread to the reading section? I don’t care but I will if that is what folks want.