Kanji v Vocab/Readings

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I’ve been using WaniKani for about a week and though it is enjoyable I am still a little confused about the Kanji v Vocab/Reading

As an example would the vocab ‘To Get Lower’ (下がる) when written be purely 下 or would it be written 下がる?

From the example provide by Wanikani I think it is just 下 and you need to use the reading above dependent on the context?


Not sure exactly what you mean. The word 下がる appears in each example sentence.

EDIT: unless you just mean the conjugations for tense and politeness. The dictionary form of the word is always 下がる. 下 would be a different word with a different reading.

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Are you talking about the context sentences? The word 下がる is in the dictonary form. In two of the sentences it has been inflected, because verbs do that, sometimes. I have bolded inflected verbs.


Stock prices all over the world fell.


My temperature dropped to 37℃.


Unfasten your belt so that your pants will hang down.

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Sorry it is in the 3rd sentence but not in the 1st two.

I’m asking if I was reading a book is that exactly how it would be written?

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下がった is the plain past tense
下がりました is the polite past tense

But it’s the same word.

Here’s a diagram of common conjugations for it.


Cool - so the る is dropped when changing the tense/politeness?

Also the 1st sentence is written almost completely in Hiragana. Is there a reason for that? I thought that Hiragana was used in breaks between Kanji?

Appreciate all the help

In some cases it is. In other cases it just converts for a different sound in the R column.

Some of the example sentences are written to not show any kanji you haven’t learned yet. You can write any word in kanji (if it has kanji) or kana, as you see fit, whether it’s for style, or to make it easier for non-natives and children to read.

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Brilliant - thanks for all your help again Leebo (and the quick reply)

I haven’t learnt any grammer etc yet so the change in the word/reading threw me but I can see the logic

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