Kanji reading help

Guys! Help! How do you read this?

It was on a game.

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Wild shot in the dark… 両方とも? I’m pretty sure it’s something + とも anyway.

You managed to read something in these chicken scratches? I am amazed. I can see your と but this is as far as I can go.

Knowing the stroke order of も makes it fairly easy to decipher. It starts at the top and loops to the right, and then you do the 2 horizontal lines, so those frequently become kind of a connected z from the loop.


Now I see it. But it seems to me this is a very lazy way to draw a も.

Calligraphers would probably object to that characterization :slight_smile:

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No single idea

I know nothing about calligraphy. What you say suggests calligraphers are OK with not raising the brush between strokes. I don’t know but this is what I deduce.

What is that monstrosity on the left? Looks like 飛 but at the same time nothing like it.

All I can see in the left side is a flipped 辶 (the radical of 道)…


incredibly hot take, but …

if flipped horizontally you see the radical formely known as water slide. not that it makes the rest any easier to decipher, although - with my very limit experience in writing - to me at least that seems to flow way better.

The first part looked like a kanji containing 周 to me at first. 彫 came to mind but the three strokes on the right are not in the correct direction I believe… I also see とも at the end


Yeah, that’s a good match. I’m not sure I agree that the direction of the strokes is wrong. They should be upper right to lower left like that.

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That is correct.

Sōsho (草書) is the style of Shodō (書道) that can involve not removing the brush until the character is complete. But everyone has their own style, and the one on this page is certainly very… squiggly.

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My Japanese husband had trouble reading it.

He says maybe it says tattoo friends?

ほり and とも for friends
He’s not sure though.


Oh yeah you’re right! I looked at it in a strange way.

“Get a tattoo friend” has now been added to the bucket list :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if it’s from the Yakuza games, the guy who draws the tattoos is named Horitomo


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