Kanji from all sides

I think it would be nice to be able to review from an English word at least in the vocabulary

I use KaniWani - it attaches to WK so it knows what you’ve just been studying. It helps me a lot I think, to work backwards from English for a change. I don’t take my %ages seriously on KW. It’s more SRS work, so sometimes I regret it takes time that I could be using reading / listening etc. But that might be an alternative for you. And there are other similar things (which I’m sure fans of which will be along to tell you about shortly).


There are apps you can use for that, like KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp and Kaniwani Major Update: 1.3.4!


Kamesame is good. I point out there is also Kaniwani

Also Item Inspector and Self Study Quiz scripts have English → Japanese modes.

Disclosure: i am the author of item Inspector.


arigatou gozaimasu, this is going to be so helpful

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