Kanji for らくしゅう?

While watching anime, I heard らくしゅう (?) which was translated as “easy”. Google translate also gives “easy” as the meaning for らくしゅう but it was not giving the corresponding kanji. I was not able to find anything at Jisho. I’m aware that the word is probably written using only hiragana in real usage but I was curious about the kanji. I suspect that the first is 楽 but I have no clue for the second part. Thanks for any help.

Maybe you heard 楽勝(らくしょう).

“easy victory”


Of course ! I feel stupid… Thank you!

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No! Don’t feel stupid :stuck_out_tongue: I mishear things all the time and I’m supposed to be pretty advanced. :rofl:

Let’s improve, one tiny step at a time, and then we can become the Pirate King (or some such)

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