KaniWani for beginners

What is kaniwani? Should I use it as a beginner?

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Kaniwani is an English → Japanese version of the Wanikani SRS system, where you get an English prompt and have to give the Japanese word for it. This trains your recall of Japanese terms. I personally would recommend KameSame over KaniWani (at least when I used them) as Kamesame is better for terms that have multiple vocabulary words tied to them.

It is never a bad idea to use them, and especially as a beginner it can pay off to help cement these words in your mind, but it all depends on the workload you can stomach, how fast you want to complete WK, if there are other activities you would prefer to do, …

Personally I don’t use it anymore, but there is nothing wrong with giving it a spin and seeing if it’s your cup of tea, if it’s not for you, you can always drop it :wink: