Just work through Kanzen Master and pass N2?

It was supposed to be made for the old JLPT Level 2, so I think there is some N2-level material in there. I definitely think some of the vocabulary is N2, at any rate. But grammar-wise, my impression is that N2 stuff only appears at the end of Tobira, and not much of it.

Are the Quartet books actually more advanced than Tobira? I haven’t looked into them at all.

My recommendation would be these two:

They’re N2-N1 level. To be fully ready for the N1 as a test, you’d probably need to study a bit of rare grammar with something like SKM on the side, but I think it’ll be more than enough for N2 if you can get through the second one. The only issue is that these textbooks are entirely in Japanese aside from the vocabulary lists, so I’m not sure if you’ll be comfortable with them immediately.