Just bought lifetime

Now to make it worth it and get to level 60. I’ll see you all when I get there.


See you at lvl 60. Ganbarou.

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Best of luck @absurdAviator. Level 60 it is!

I just bought it tonight, too. Yeah, my level is low now, but I have survived hundreds of thousands of Anki reviews for a different language, so I figure I can stick this out.

My goal is to get done in three years. Good luck!


Good luck !
If you haven’t read it yet, you might be interested in the following thread to make the best out of your WK time.
See you at level 60 !


thank you for sharing this :+1:

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I just bought it yesterday too. I’ve kept up with it thus far… so I think it’ll be worth the investment! It’s paying off already as I’m finding myself recognizing kanji here there and I’m still at such a low level… I’m excited for future levels!

Anyway, keep it up! I hope we both make it to level 60!


Thank you! I’ll be sure to read this and share it with others.

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