Juggling lessons and reviews (growing pains)

Whaddup fam.

Point me in the right direction thread-wise if this has already been covered but here’s my conundrum.

I turned level 5 yesterday, I worked down my lessons from 87 to 47, and now my “apprentices” are roughly at 90. I want to keep it between the 50-100 mark, so before pursuing the lessons I’d want to work down my “apprentices” to an acceptable level. How can I balance this if my lessons come in a little faster than my apprentice kanji changes to guru.

Should I knuckle on and try and forget the 50-100 rule and prioritise lessons? Would it work better if I set a goal on “X kanji learnt a day”? Essentially, I haven’t work out a steady flow yet. Any tips?

You said you want to keep your apprentice between 50 and 100. Sounds like you already know how to do that. There’s no rule that says you need to do your lessons in X amount of time after they appear. If between 50 and 100 apprentice items is the workload you’re comfortable with, then there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s what you should do!

ETA : the only reason I can think to go any faster would be if you’re trying to reach a certain level in time for the JLPT or something along those lines. If you don’t have a dead line like that, then the pace you have laid out in your post is perfectly acceptable.


Thank, my only concern is that my lessons would only continue to grow whilst I tried to keep my apprentices down. No worries though, for now I’m happy to go at a steady pace. I need to work on my grammar also, but I picked up Wani because I realised that, although I understood general sentence structure, I couldn’t understand the vocab. It’s annoying that every time I went searching for the kanji, it was only to realise that I understood the sentence in hiragana form.

That may be, but I don’t see why that’s a problem. As long as you stick with WaniKani, you’ll get to those lessons eventually. It’s not a race. :slight_smile:

The most important thing is to keep a pace you’re comfortable with and can handle between your other studies and life in general. If you try to do too much, you may experience burn-out and then you won’t want to study at all. It’s best to keep your study schedule manageable.


You’ve been most helpful.


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Glad I could help!

You may also benefit from searching the forum for “apprentice” or “apprentice items” threads to see what others have suggested and/or experienced.

Good luck!

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actually that shouldn’t happen. With on eof the recent updates it was implemented that the new lessons are sorted by level and then radicals, kanji, vocab. So when you leveled up, before getting lessons that will allow you to level up again (radicals and kanji) you will have to go through the prior levels vocab (assuming you don’t use any reorder script). Due to this you might get an increase in lessons whenever you level up, but afterwards you will reduce them, because the prior levels vocab prevent you from levelling up again. (I hope you were able to understnad my point, not sure if I formulated it in a understandable way :smiley:)

Edit: you should maybe consider buying a lifetime subscription that might be cheaper than the annual plan with the speed you chose.


I did, in fact I had assumed that this is how it worked but I had 24 lessons left before I leveled up and it seemed to take them to the next level. No worries anyhow, I will just be diligent. As Ryouki pointed out, it’s no race, so there’s less need to worry and cram. Cramming would probably render SRS less effective anyway.

Edit to your edit: my speed will change as I become more proficient.

The available lesson count is probably not a number worth focusing on - there are really thousands and thousands of lessons in total, you just can’t see them all straight away. So don’t feel pressured to go through every lesson when it’s available. Move as many items from lessons to apprentice that results in a manageable review count for you.

But by all means experiment. You won’t know how fast you can absorb the information unless you challenge yourself. If you feel your accuracy being heavily impacted due to being overwhelmed, just back off the lessons and the SRS system will make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

You will end up finding a balance that works for you.

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That’s exactly what I tried to explain, but seemingly I failed :smiley:
Yes, you might level up, while still having lessons, but those will belong to the lower level and therefore placed before the new levels lessons. Meaning you will first get the old vocab lessons and just then proceed to the new radical and kanji lesson, which are the ones which are critical for leveling up. So you will not unlock any new lessons, until you have finished the old levels lessons and some of the new lessons (and gurud those new items). So everytime you level up, you will bring the lesson count first down to radicals + kanji + old kanji vocab of the new level, before starting to unlock the new kanji vocab (and new radicals kanji) of a level

Regarding buying the lifetime plan thats your decision, I don’t know exactly how the new pricing is, but when I started the lifetime plan started to top the yearly plan after two years, so it was even interesting for people leveling with higher speed. (not saying you should buy it in any case, but in your position I would just try to calculate it for the speed you think you will get to and find out which plan is best)

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I understand you now :slight_smile: thanks!

This community, man. 大好き!

Check the following script out.
It’s been of immense help to manage lesson load for me:

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I knuckle through them (Level 6 finally just settled down for me three days later). The correct ratio will drop the first two days but if you are consistently in the system, you’ll come through it stronger. In my experience with SRS systems, the less you “try” the more effective it is. Show up and give it an good effort. Most of them will start dropping through the funnel and falling into longer review periods. The tough ones will linger for a bit, and then pretty soon they’re second nature.

There are ways to tweak all systems, but just in being in an SRS with strict grading (you can’t self select whether you knew it or not), you’re maximizing the 80/20 principle already.

My only tip is to do lessons in the morning and not last thing you do before you go to bed ;p

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I don’t think you have to care about the number of apprentice items at you level. The reason, I think, why it’s important to keep the apprentice pool at a certain level is that each time you level up the apprentice pool is replenished by doing lessons. It is also replenished by failing master- and- enlightened-reviews. They get demoted pretty hard if you start answering wrong. I got 20+ levels behind me I haven’t yet burned. If I start answering reviews of earlier levels wrong, then the apprentice pool would grow like cancer. I would be forced to stop levelling up until I get things under control or quit my job and do nothing but reviews all day. But in your case, you don’t have that many earlier level items to fail. Things can only go so wrong. So unless you think you spend too much time doing reviews, there’s nothing to worry about.

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