JLPT study routines?

I need to try it. Usually I can concentrate quite well, maybe too well sometimes. But with the JLPT grammar I always catch myself fidgeting like a child. It is very strange…


Try! books are very common in bookstores here in Japan, but I actually don’t know much about them… I wonder if they are related at all to the cram school…

I used something similar when I was studying some physics. This dude on youtube adjusted his pomodoro to insert an anime episode between studying. Then I did that as well.

Because I have the tendency to overdo it or not doing anything, I had a minimal and maximal amount of hours I wanted to spend on a subject. Using something like anime, manga or games as a break was great. I tend to feel guilty choosing on thing over the other, so be able to do both is very satisfying and motivating.

I passed my tests, but I think the more valuable thing I got out of it was to be able to consistently study for a longer period of time.

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Sounds like a good idea. In university and also in the job later on I always worked on projects with deadlines. So either we didn’t do a lot or more often worked in massive stress doing all-nighters before the deadlines. I never established a habit to do things constantly over a long period of time. For studying Japanese I came to think this is the most important ability one needs to have to be successful.
Without WaniKani I could have never learned as much Kanji because I would always start with a too tight deadline, study like mad until burnout and the give up the whole idea at some point…
But it seems I am not really suited for the constant and stable approach, I feel a bit lost without deadlines and massive stress even if I don’t like it at all.

My problem is, that if I don’t have a lot of stress and every day is the same routine again and again I start to ruminate and suddenly life seems to become an unbearable continuous string of boring tasks. But that’s a problem for the mental topics maybe :joy:

I would need something like WaniKani to manage my life. Like a baby.