JLPT N5 question about listening

I’m going to take the N5 test in December. My first ever JLPT test. Right now I’m most nervous about the listening. Do we get to hear the text more than once? Or do we have to answer after only listening once?

I’m still quite slow at understanding what is going on while listening. I’ve been going through the listening practices on this page: https://japanesetest4you.com
Any other good recourses for practicing the listening for the N5 test?


I’ve never taken the n5 but i’ve taken the n4 getting 50/60 on the listening…They only play the recording once which is annoying but yes only once i didn’t really practice that much for listening but i think if you go onto youtube and search up n5 listening you’ll find a lot of videos .I think those are helpful!Sorry if i couldn’t help you.


Thanks for your help! I will check the YouTube videos.

My tip: read the questions first so you know what you’re listening for. Though the sneaky trick is that all of the wrong answers will be mentioned in the dialogue as well, to prevent you from just cherry-picking the answer.


Will do, thanks for the tip :blush:

I think the other key is to know what the question types are - practice tests and practice questions should help with this.

Finding a full online test to do will give you an idea of the timing and type of questions, as it’s quite predictable.


You can try taking notes in your native language to not have to remember all of it, since it is fairly circuitous.


Check out the Listening Practice thread. I’m sure you can find something you enjoy! ^>^

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Good luck! I’m in the same boat, I’ll be doing the N5 in December as well. Some other places you can find practice questions are JLPT Bootcamp, the Migii JLPT app (look at their old online trial exams for free listening questions), and the Todai Easy Japanese reading app.


I took N5 and N4 so far and both were the same

They will play a CD (yes… the actual 1992 thing, really, at least in my case) only once. They will not stop, repeat, pause or anything. There is a short break with music to relax in the middle. They will play a test sentence and ask if everyone in the room can hear it well enough. If you have hearing problems, you should let them know before the exam.

you will get different types of listening exercises:

  • you hear a conversation and get a question about what was spoken, the answers are part of the listening.

  • same as above but with a refernce to a picture you have in front of you.

  • short questions where you have to pick the next sentence (like “Hello”, answer “Hi” or “Blue” or “Sometimes”

here is a plenty of examples"

JLPT N5 listening test – Japanesetest4you.com

some have poor sound (in reality it is very good quality), but the speed and content of the examples are pretty much like the real thing.

I do not think you are actually meant to understand every word, just filter out the cricial information.

Oh, and you have to mark you ansewrs in real time and quickly. So when you prepare do not give your self too much thinking time, just follow the best guess at the moment.


Listen… :expressionless:


There are some JLPT trainings here also : JLPT Test

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Thank you all for your help and advice😊. Feeling much more confident after going through some practice listening tests. Maybe I’m not as bad as I thought😛

Good luck for all taking the test on Sunday!

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