JLPT listening is easy?

Almost a year ago I created a POLL in the Listening Practice thread to figure out what peeople use for listening practice. (I can’t really vote in your poll because you don’t have an other option, or enough specific options)

Currently: this is how the popularity is between mediums:

In order of popularity, people on WK, listen to

  1. Anime, 2. Youtube, 3. Podcasts, 4. Japanese music, and 5. Japanese movies.

They’re all great choices for sure.

I think for listening comprehension quantity is more important than quality. :eyes:

Just find something that you genuinely enjoy listen to. There is no need to find the “best” training materials there is. With time, you can try out more difficult ones, but just about anything is helpful to get you started on listening practice and getting better at it. :headphones:

Having fun is an important aspect of learning in my opinion! ^>^