JBC's NO.6 's Discussion Thread


No. 6 was a tough one, right. I’m sure that if you continue with the series it will become easier and easier as you get to know the writing style of the author and that you’re already familiar with the story’s premise. Wish you the best!


My first japanese book was a tough one? I had that kind of impression at some point. Why start with easy book when I can pass hour in front of my screen book in hand looking into jisho to find all the words meaning. Looking for all the radical in the kanji to find them.(I got pretty good at searching by radical. I learned where some of them are in the choice they give)
Anyway thx for the cheers


Hey congrats!! Way to stick with it. No. 6 was the first Japanese book I finished as well. Here’s hoping for many more finished books in the future :grin:


Congrats! I recently finished the 9th book and I can confirm that it gets exponentially easier as you go. The overall story was also pretty interesting so it really doesn’t feel like studying.


Congrats! I got SO close to finishing the book and now I’m inspired to go back and do it.


why didn’t you finished it???


Since there is no pm system I will post it here. Just had a question about n6 second book

@Kqaotix since you read them all you should be able to help me(if you want).

In N6 book 2 at the end of chapter 1 is the girl(or boy since I read a little in the next chapter) that appear at is house has white hair and a red stain on his neck too???



Just dug up the book and checked the ending of that chapter. The girl looks normal. She came to get Shion to bring him to a little boy that passed out. Shion’s hair and red markings are mentioned at the end of the chapter. The narrator says that Shion remembered the girl from earlier as she had been scared by his appearance when she first saw him.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thx, I thought he said he was scared because he was reviving the moment his hair turn white or something.

I still have a long way to go. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yay! I finally finished the whole series that I started reading a bit over a year ago!



What was your assessment of the series? Was it worth reading? And I don’t remember offhand, but how many stories comprise the entire series?


I enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it. But I have some gripes with it as well.

I felt that Shion was a rather weak protagonist almost throughout the series, and that most of the actual movers in the story were other characters. He does mature and evolve a bit, taking more control later, but I still felt he was a bit too over-reliant on Nezumi. (Even at the very end he is ready to forsake his recently sworn (sworn to his dead friend AND to a god, no less) duties in order to follow Nezumi wandering the world)

The characters at times changed rather abruptly, sometimes you just get “OK, Shion has changed super much now!” without that change really having been built up or foreshadowed.

More subjective, but as was probably evident from the first book, it takes very long for almost everything to happen. The status quo at the end of book 2 is almost identical to the end of book 1 for instance, and breaking into the correctional facility, while stated as a major and time-sensitive goal takes the larger part of the series to actually happen!

I didn’t really mind this though, and appreciated that most of it was focused on internal and external dialogue.

Even more subjective, I didn’t really feel anything between Nezumi and Shion, and their developing relationship is pretty central to the series…

I think most of this is probably evident from the first book in the series, so those who read it it should probably have a good sense of whether or not they’ll enjoy the series as a whole!

One minor thing that I thought was kinda cool was how Inukashi’s gender was left vague. This is something that would have been almost impossible to pull off in English (faced with the same problem, the English translator of Final Fantasy IX just threw their hands in the air and refered to Quina using the clumsy s/he… anybody know how they handled this in the english localization of the manga/anime?)

There were hints a couple of times throughout the series that despite the male language, Inukashi might actually be a girl, and that this might be a something they’re sensitive about… but throughout the series nobody actually asked or used a gendered pronoun. I was kind of expecting/hoping this would be “resolved” by the end of the series,

…Especially considering that Inukashi adopts a baby later on.

Finally, It consists of nine books in total (and one “beyond number six” side story that I’m not currently planning on reading)


gj for reading them all in a bit over a year ago. I’m only at the half of book two. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What are you gonna read next?



I’ve just started reading the three books (新世界より, 獣の奏者 and 十二国記) resulting from my inquiry in this thread.

My strategy for getting regular reading practice in was to set a pretty manageable minimum amount that i must read each and every day.

In my case I chose two pages. I found that, while being something I could realistically force myself to do even when I didn’t feel like it at all, more often than not it was enough to get the ball rolling and read more.


Hey guys, I just finished N6 book two in 4 months. Improved by more than half. :grin: The fun part is when you read things in the second book that has been introduced in the first but you don’t remember so you have to go read it back then tell yourself how you missed it. Like “I read it but… it’s like I haven’t read it”. Then ask yourself how were you reading.

The reason for my posting here is not for bragging (only) but I was wondering, should I read beyond six? The side story. Is there anyone here that read it or know something about it? I know it’s a side story about Shion and Nezoumi but is it worth it?



The series has 9 books plus a 10th one called Beyond. I only read the main 9 books and felt more than ready to move on at that point. If you’re really into the story, it might be worth picking up, but I feel that 9 books is already a lot.

Also, congrats on finishing the second one!


Hey I know it’s been a long time but just a little question to the person who has read N6 book 5.

In the beginning of chapter 2 of book 5

I am not exactly sure what is happening. They throw Shion and Nezumi in a hole. They fall on people then role not to get crush by other people falling. Then interior monologue and run to the jail section right. (I’m at page 59 btw) Did they just throw them expecting them to die from the fall?

Thx for your help