Japanisation Classroom new thread!

Get an Override Script :slight_smile: don’t overuse it for genuine mistakes, but use it for typos so you don’t flip tables :smiley:

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How do I get an override script?

You can find a list of userscripts, applications, and related materials here: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

(There are instructions linked on that page along with most of the big scripts)

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thats amazing, thank you!

level 15!
average level 14d 14h (decreased by 2h from previous)






63 lessons waiting

these “teens” levels have not been bad, but I begin to see my items in guru is growing larger to the point where I am concerned it will drive up my daily review load.

Congratz!!! I will soon see you in death, brother.

Haven’t seen @Prozar for a while, huh, I hope you’re still around!

indeed haven’t been here for a while.
haven’t update the spreadsheet for a while either.
haven’t review for a while.
haven’t done any lessons for a while.

i burned out and didn’t really managed to get back on track since. already 40 at lvl 20 and my longest lvl before was 10 days :x

i thought about reset one or two lvls but i have 1150 review and most of them are early lvl stuff waiting to get burn (if i don’t fail too much obviously) so reseting will not really help with the pile…

aww please come back to us! You’ve gone 1/3 through WK after all, please do continue puppies’ eyes

I hope you’ll find the will to get through your reviews!

If you’re starting to burn stuff, try the Super Burn Happy Script. I find it a little kitschy but actually makes me happier to burn stuff :joy: confetti shower and stuff.

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i’ll be back !

i was in a “meh” period of time. stupid stuff happening irl so i didn’t did anything japanese related so that make it harder to find the motivation to review i think.
like i should just re-read the musashi book and i’ll have a reason to review and do japanese stuff.
or like watch an anime and be happy when i understand and frustrated when i don’t and i’ll review again.

i really need to reread that book anyway, to find some motivation again in it of course but mostly because it is the best book of all time so it’s worth reading it again.

or watch stupid yt video with nico or something like that. to wake up my “week side”

anyway, just a lack of motivation, stupid complicated stuff irl and a review pile too scary, nothing really bad i guess ^^
and god, lvl 20 doesn’t feel like 33% hahaha that’s crazy ! but that is encouraging ^^


Level 20 is 684 kanji and 2209 vocab! :open_mouth:

Take some time off then, I hope it will make you feel better :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to having you back here! I remember feeling a bit sad seeing you slowing down, but do whatever you need yea, slowing down is fine too, just please don’t stop entirely <3

You can do it! :muscle:t2::triumph:

level 16!

average time 14d 14h (unchanged from previous)






60 lessons waiting - time to start!

this level moved along pretty well too, although I suppose 14 1/2-ish days for the level isn’t setting speed records.

level 17 finally
that level seemed like a lot of work

Average Level-up:14 days, 20 hours (slightly up from previous)






57 lessons waiting

am I the only one who writes here anymore?



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hey, can you give me a bunch of tips on how to achieve this glorious level-up speed? i’m stuck at around twenty days, but i definitely want/need to hurry up a lot - eight days is my absolute dream goal. thank you! ^^

Right after I do my lessons for kanji/radicals I drill them using the self quiz script.

Drill them for a couple times AFTER youve answered every answer correctly.

I also pick one vocabulary related to the kanji and use that to help me remember the reading - learn the word seperate from the reading as you will come back to it later anyway (once you unlock the vocab later).

And if you get an answer wrong read the mnemo again in full not just what the right answer is.

top tips! ;D

First questions first: do you know how WK works?

When you level up, you unlocked a LOT of stuff. Do the radicals first. This will allow you to guru it on your 4th day, which will unlock the second batch of kanji for the level.

The kanji that you unlocked upon leveling up can be started from anytime between completing your radicals and unlocking the second batch of kanji. (I usually do them as soon as I have time, but this is what’s needed to level up quickly.) → these kanji will be guru-ed somewhere between your 4th and 8th day.

After guruing your radicals, learn the second batch of kanji asap, which will allow you to guru it on your 8th day and leveled you up :slight_smile:

If you already know all these, pardon me. I somehow had to find out on my own (wasn’t much in the forum in my early levels) that you don’t have to do all the lessons to level up quickly, just the radicals and the 2nd batch of kanji. It helps you prioritise when you don’t have much time (have to go to class, work, etc.)

i’m working on my review pile. was at 1569 when i start reviewing again, i’m at 850 now. slowly working on it.
lvl 21 is still really far ^^


good job bro! you can do it. Dont believe in yoursefl, believe in me. Believe in the me who believes in you!


uhhhhhh ok i can do that.^^

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