Japanese tv shows like 聞きたい女たち?

So lately I’ve been obsessed with a Japanese tv show generally known as 聞きたい女たち which I’ve binge watched on YouTube. My Japanese listening skills are still pretty weak, but they talk slowly and there are a lot of subtitles.

A panel of women and a panel of mostly hot men ask each other questions about likes and dislikes, and often there are reenacted (mostly horror) anecdotes as well, awkward and hilarious! :grin:

Now I’ve watched most of the videos available and need a new tv show (not drama) to watch. Do you have any recommendations? (I’ve already watched some 笑ってこらえて, but they talk way too fast… :disappointed_relieved:

A few people have given tv show suggestions here:

(Yes, I’m promoting my own thread; I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:)

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