Japanese resources that'd make great Christmas presents

Books definitely! Linking to Amazon US for the most part, but can probably find many of these elsewhere.

Textbooks (ones I have personally used and liked):

Reference books (useful at low or high levels):

Other resources:

  • https://www.whiterabbitpress.com/kanjiflashcards – amazing quality physical flashcards. Obviously not NEEDED if you’re sticking to Wanikani for your kanji studies, but definitely make a nice gift. Associated poster is also pretty cool to track your progress, a nice gift in it’s own right, but shipping cost is high if buying just that, so maybe try to order other things from their site (OMGJapan) as well. The site also sells a lot of textbooks and graded readers, so could definitely build up a list.

Fun books:

Anime or drama DVDs or Blu-ray could also be good gifts, if that’s something you like.