Japanese listening/watching content recommendations?

日本語のSBS is the Japanese broadcast from SBS Australia. It is about ten minutes a day of random news bits in podcast form. Usually get four news, one music interview, one book review, and one sports topic each week.

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Have you heard of this? http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com

I’ve played around with it and think its great! The Japanese dictionary isn’t implemented yet, but it’s still nice. You can have it skip between sentences by just pressing left and right, have it stop on them so you can analyze the Japanese and hear it over and over again. They also provide both robot and human translations in your native language, which is good for comparing your translation to.

https://www.viki.com/countries/japan also has some Japanese shows, but I don’t know if there are Japanese subtitles.


Not pure cooking but there’s quite some cooking involved in “midnight diner” ((深夜食堂) :slight_smile:

Great series otherwise (cinematography, acting, story etc)

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I really like this YouTube channel for cooking https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCuNkY3QqNi22qjpJw8u3VBQ

She makes bento videos and sometimes teishoku videos; also her cat is incredibly cute.

Not a lot of talking, which is perfect for me since I’m a beginner xD

Edit: also seconding the recommendation for Midnight Diner, it’s great. The manga is even better, I’m looking forward to when my Japanese is good enough that I can read more of it!

I’ve been following はるあん recently and enjoy her videos. She talks a lot, which is helpful for japanese learners and bakes a lot, which is my favorite type of cooking!

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Oh! Thanks so much, I will be checking this out!

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