Japanese Listening Practice

Hey guys, so at the moment I’m listening to Nihongo Con teppei’s podcasts and Japanese with Shun but I want to start watching Terraced house and I’m curious as to how to go about it lol. Should I watch each episode without any subtitles first, then English subtitles and then Japanese subtitles or what do you guys recommend?

I haven’t used it myself but I know that there is a plug-in called “Language Learning with Netflix”. It allows you to view subtitles in your native and target language as well as have the option to look up new words with a pop up dictionary.


With this, you could get the best of both worlds :slight_smile:


Since your question is specifically about these two, I’d suggest you rename your thread to reflects that. That way you’ll get more answers to your question and others can find the thread when searching the forum. Also, so it’s not too similar to other threads that are broader in scope, like this one:

Sorry to say, but haven’t listened much to these podcasts. ^^;

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4989 American Life is a really good podcast.

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