Japanese Learning Diary

February 10, 2021

  • WaniKani: Discovered the stroke order script, which hopefully will be much better than using blank kanji sheets to practice stroke order (it’s hard to use the review side of each sheet without accidentally looking at other kanji or the instances of the kanji I’m reviewing from previous review sessions)
    Kanji are a bit easier now that I’ve reviewed them a few times, but they’re still a bit difficult x_x
    Also, unlocked my first two vocab words (八、八つ), as well as the kanji that I hadn’t been able to unlock because I got the radical wrong ._.
  • The hiragana and katakana listening materials I found were broken :expressionless: Fortunately, though, I was able to find a replacement: hiragana and katakana exercises from MIT’s OpenCourseWare. Pretty good exercises!
  • Still haven’t practiced my combination kana .-. (I know how to read them, I just haven’t trained myself to read them fast like with the other kana). Hopefully today, though…
  • Also, this is unrelated, but I got into Konosuba thanks to a Gawr Gura stream :eyes: (Something else to rewatch in Japanese when I’m more fluent!)