Japanese language tutor recommendations

Like the title of this topic says. Do any of you can recommend me a Japanese language tutor? Any suggestions here or privately are welcome.


I recommend you to visit italki and take a couple of trial lessons. While it’s true that there are some common traits that can characterize a good language tutor/teacher/coach/partner, still even if one tutor/etc. may be great for someone they may not match learning style/go along well with another person. It’s something very individual.


I echo the thoughts above

Agree with what’s been said above. The criteria will vary from person to person and on what you’re trying to achieve and the personality type you have (and that of the teacher). Personally I’m working on conversational skill, so that’s what I searched out on iTalki this past month. I had lessons with several teachers / tutors on iTalki over the past month and found a few that I liked.

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A good tutor/teacher for me may not be a good match for you. It depends on your personality, what you want to learn, your time zone, when you are available for lessons and so on and so on.

I took a couple of trial lessons on iTalki before I found the perfect match for me. It’s so worth it when you do find the right teacher/tutor!

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Definitely go through teacher profiles on italki and book lessons with the top 5 that got your interest.

Keep in mind that most of the teachers have very high star rating but it’s not really representative as many students would not give a low score even if the lesson wasn’t perfect. On the other hand if you see low ratings keep away :grin: So pay more attention to the intro video and description page than to user reviews.

Also, attendance scores aren’t “real”. Oftentimes a teacher will ask to cancel the lesson at the last moment but they will report it as a mutually agreed cancellation. Of course as a regular student you wouldn’t argue. But to be fair it hasn’t happened to me that a teacher would cancel our first ever lesson. They only feel comfortable cancelling after you’ve built some trust.

Also, regarding professional vs community tutor, you can find great tutors in both categories but there are a lot of community teachers who do informal conversation lessons only. Prices are usually lower for community teachers’ lessons, so you can find amazing value tutors.


I’m wanting the same thing. I think for me I may try a few ‘Trials’ via iTalki and hope to find someone. My problem is wanting to speak the things I know and practice in the time between the sessions. How’s your journey?

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