Japanese in the wild 2版

This one should also be fairly readable.熱中mightt throw some people off because there’s usually another kanji tacked on at the end of the phrase. I think all of these kanji are covered by level 27 but most are before that. You’ll have to zoom in to read the one line at the bottom.

It’s talking about 熱中症 or heatstroke


OK, with a lot of dictionary help I think I figured out most of this. But what is カラダ in the line at the bottom?



Huh. Is that usually in katakana? Or are they using it here for some effect I’m missing? I don’t think it’s a loanword, is it?

Any word can be rendered in hiragana or katakana for a variety of reasons. Aesthetics, emphasis, etc.

EDIT: Checking the BCCWJ, カラダ has 416 appearances, which makes it a quite common rendering.


I’m doomed.

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I would imagine it was for emphasis. It’s not uncommon to use words in any of the three writing systems for effect.

Kind of like italics?

I suppose. Just artistic license and stylization I imagine.

Is the と “and”? Ie. the headline is “Important people and the water to combat the heat”?

I read the と as “with,” and then an unspoken “enjoy” or “share” at the end.

But “and” is possible, I suppose.

Ah, yes, that sounds better. I had read it as [Summer, Sun, Island Feeling:] this and that. I guess there’s a reason I don’t work in advertising :slight_smile:

Either one would work, I guess I just subconsciously made more work for myself.

Would anyone like another picture to look at? I saw this last year and found it quite thought provoking.


I can read it but I don’t get it. :sob:

Seems to me like it’s “Although your eyebrows are close (to your eyes), you can’t see them - you can’t know your own misfortunes.”

Also, googling turned up this.


Curiously, I read it the other way - that even as your eyebrows are so close to you, yet you can’t see them, so do you not recognise your own good fortune. I think maybe it is suggesting you have more blessings than you are aware of.

Edit: and now having followed Balthazar’s link, I see they say it is something different - perhaps, that you don’t recognise the good and evil within yourself?


That one is beyond me.

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