Japanese grammar correction apps?

Curious if anyone knows of any Japanese apps (targeted at Japanese speakers, not apps for the Japanese learner community) that, like grammarly for English, is designed to correct the grammar of Japanese text?

I’m at a point in my learning where my written Japanese is basically always understandable by my friends, but they typically forgive my grammar mistakes and I don’t get good feedback when I make errors. Would love to find a Japanese equivalent to Grammarly that I could plug my writing into and learn from


First one I can find is ATOK. looks pretty legit.


idraft by goo is exactly what you’re looking for, though people have told me they have issues downloading depending on their region (I’m in the US, and had access just fine, but apparently some others in the US had trouble for some reason): idraft by goo|goo辞書のテキストエディタで執筆が手軽に

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Not the original author, but I found here in the forums 文法-Check