Japanese Dracula Daily Interest Check

Have you heard of Dracula Daily?

Yes? This is an interest check for if you want to follow along but in Japanese

No? If you didn’t already know, the novel Dracula is mostly in the format of letters, news articles, and diary entries. They’re arranged by date order with the first one starting on May 3rd. Dracula Daily emails the text from the corresponding date on that day of the year. So this would be a book club where we read translated copies for the same dates.

Isn’t it a little late to start that now? Well, it’s a couple of days late sure, but I’d rather be late than wait to do this next year.

How long would it take to read? The first entry is May 3rd and the last is from October 6th, so about 5 months.

Where would we have this book club? Either here or on the Natively forums. It wasn’t my idea so it’s up to the person who suggested it.

Are you interested?

  • yes, regardless of which forum is used
  • yes, but only if it’s on WK’s forums
  • maybe
  • no because I don’t want to take 5 months to read a book/I don’t want to read along with a club
  • no because I’m not interested in reading this book

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Do you have a few samples to help gauge the size/difficulty of the material? I definitely think it sounds interesting and I like that its a breath of fresh air compared to the format and themes of other clubs, but I’m afraid of committing to something which might take too much of my time/be way above my level


Sure, here’s an excerpt from the version I’m reading


This version confuses me because it looks like the order is different, but you should be able to scan for the right date. It also has furigana. I’m also not sure it’s a translation rather than derivative work…


There are probably other versions, but these are what I’ve found on Amazon.

Another copy, no sample, but should be a translation and not new content

Having read the original version of Dracula last year i am happy to see this thread but because it is too difficult for me i will admire your endeavours but not read it yet. Fangs for starting the thread.

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No problem! Maybe it can be a goal for you next year then :slight_smile:

I looked at the amazon sample and it seems to be a bit too difficult for me at the moment as well. But I am curious to see how much I will improve in one year’s time and if I will feel comfortable coming back to this by then :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to set a calendar notification to make sure it gets run next year too. :slight_smile:

Great pfp btw!

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Got the thread up! :slight_smile:

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