Japanese 201

Just registered for Japanese 201 this fall! I’ve been self-studying for 5 years now, but this will be my first actual class. Does anyone have advice as I go into the course?

Tell everyone to join WaniKani, if they have not done so already.

A lot of classes ask everyone to introduce themselves to everyone else. Perhaps write out a few sentences about yourself: name, where you live, occupation, what else you are studying, hobbies, sports, interests, favourite anime, travel experiences in Japan. Say as much as you want to say about yourself. If some of the above topics are too private, leave them out. Then rehearse it a few times. (If you’ve never practised speaking in Japanese because you were self studying, this might not be a great idea.)

People tend to use online dictionaries in the classroom. Install one on your smartphone / tablet. Having said that, pay attention to the teacher. Don’t let textbooks, technology or other students distract you.

What is the name of your textbook? If you are using a textbook, find an Anki deck which contains the vocabulary from that
textbook or create your own.

Have fun. Some groups will organise outings to Japanese restaurants out of class hours. A lot of Japan travel stories are shared.


Try to participate in class as much as possible when asked to recite. This will be one of the best ways to practice speaking actual Japanese. When we learned a new grammar in class, our teacher would ask someone in class to use the new grammar in a sentence. I would always try to participate so I can get my vocabulary and comprehension improved.

Since you are already level 12 in WaniKani you have some vocab under your belt already. Use those if possible.

Most of all, have fun! I made really good friends in my Japanese class because we all enjoyed the same thing so studying was more fun then stressful. Even the Kanji part! Hahaha.


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