I've just subscribed and have some questions

  • why is 久 radical learned as a raptor cage? Wouldn’t ‘long time’ be better?

  • why does the 田 radical only accept rice paddy but the kanji and vocabulary also accept rice field? I got the radical wrong because I always answer the kanji and voc with ‘rice field’

  • why does level 4 have a radical of katakana ネ known as pelican. There is no kanji or voc using this radical in level 4. What’s up with that?

Everything else is going great :slight_smile:

The radicals in Wanikani are not the “official” radicals. The goal of Wanikani was to change their meaning into something more memorable, so that you can then use them in mnemonics with kanji.

I do agree that the current system for radicals is far from perfect. However, the team has mentioned that they’ve been working on improving it. It’s a big update, so it might take a while.

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It’s part of Koichi’s brilliant plan to replace the current meaning with raptor cage. He currently has to write a very long word for his personal cage, this is expected to improve after this change.

You can add user synonyms on the details page!

礼 uses the pelican?

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To add to what the others have already said, I would recommend adding synonyms for things like the rice paddy. It’s helpful to learn the radicals as they want for the purpose of the mnemonics, but often it doesn’t make sense to be penalised for something that really is a correct answer.


They decided that radicals only have one official answer (probably since they are supposed to be memorized verbatim for use in mnemonics).

The “general meaning” is not important, only the specific word they chose, as far as mnemonics are concerned.

Oo user synonyms are great. I didn’t know that was a thing. Added rice field as a synonym :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. I completely glanced over 礼. Thx

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Radicals are annoying for now, but you’ll learn to appreciate them later. Trust.

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