It's normal?

Hello guys, I just have a question about my progress in Wanikani which currently keep my mind worried. I just level up to 22 but since level 20 or so my reviews average is around 60 to 68% (answered correlty) the main problem: Vocabulary, I try to study with Anki by myselft but the problem remained, so I would like to know if you guys have the same problem or if this is normal while go more deep in wakinaki levels.


How do you handle wrong items? Do you try to do anything with them, like look up example sentences, check a dictionary/thesaurus, etc?


Usually I don’t have problem with Jukugo words, but when the kanji change the pronuntiation with hiragana sometimes I have a hard time. The example in Wakinaki are still dificult to me to understand since my japanese grammar is still low.

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Do you reread the mnemonics? Also saying them out loud a bunch of tines might help.


Do you learn to write all of the kanji you learn? So far I’m on lvl 20 and never go under 90% for reviews, I think learning to write makes a huge difference for me.

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I’m usually in the 60-70% range as well. You’re not alone. I’m sure there are plenty of others as well. People tend to talk about how fast and amazing they’re doing. The ones going slower, and having a harder time, I suspect tend to keep quiet.


I keep a good average of time when level up here in wanikani, and vocab with jukugo words are even easier than with hiragana at least to me.

Yeah I do, but no all.

I do, but kanjis are not a problem to me, just vocab even if I know the meaning I forget how writte it.

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The most important thing to remembering vocabulary for me is context. Mnemonics are obviously great for helping you remember, especially for radicals/kanji. If you can attach the vocabulary to a sentence in some reading material or anime that you watch it will help reinforce what you already learned greatly. I tend to add my own context in the notes wherever I can.

Something else you could try if you don’t already is learning English → Japanese to reinforce what you already learned.

Personally, rote-learning didn’t help a lot for vocabulary. Its more use full for Kanji, so I wouldn’t waste much time on that.


Sometimes seeing the word in the context of a phrase might help.

One good thing is also listening to the audio cue and repeating the word a few times. It helps specially when the kana changes like from は to ば (rendaku), next time you type in the word try saying it out loud and it will sound weird !


I think you should focus your attention more on the items you get wrong. If you can’t remember WK’s mnemonic come up with your own way to remember it.

Hearing a new word used in content I find interesting usually helps for me.

I general I aim at ~95% accuracy. If I get below 90% I get pretty upset. Never got accuracy below 80% (well except when I review a queue of just a few items).

I really get upset as well I think nobody like to fail and see more than 12 words wrong since it is something very frustrated. Still, when I can’t remember the word actually I know what it does mean, so the problem I have with some words is just at the moment to remember how writte it, for that reason I love kanjis because are a guide and help a lot to remember vocab.

I am normally between 85-95% and it was worrying me a bit. I guess its not too bad though.

I seem to average between 65 and 75% on my vocab reviews the day following a level up. As I learn the bulk of my new vocab straight away I’m ok with this… Once the day has passed my review count starts to thin out a little and I can find some extra time to study the vocab I’m still getting wrong. My reviews normally settle back to over 85% after a few days.

I’m not sure how relevant this is as I’m still quite new, I may have to change my methods as the workload ramps up.

I think this is a really important point; it works for me too. If you’re not already engaging with written content outside of Wanikani, by level 22 you should be able to start.


It seems that you have a lot of Apprentice (270) and Guru (974) items… Maybe it is a bit too much… A lot of people try to keep their number of Apprentice items below 200 (for my part, I even keep them under 100), to not be overwhelmed by reviews.
And you can also try to reduce a bit your guru items… Finding the right pace is probably the best way to get a better accurancy.


That’s right where I’m at, where would you recommend finding written content appropriate for that level?

I don’t see nothing relevant with that, and today I get more apprentice item since learned new vocab and also I can’t (or maybe yes) choose wich items I would like to appear in my reviews to move it to other rank.

I think what they’re suggesting is that you slow down with lessons for a little until you reduce the number of apprentice and guru items to a more manageable amount. That will also allow you to focus on the vocab you’ve already done lessons for in the past, and give you more time to learn them. As that vocabulary begins to stick and you level them up more and more, the apprentice and guru counts will go down. Then you can ramp up the daily lessons as needed.

It’s solid advice. I do this sometimes too, if I find myself getting overwhelmed and not remembering things, or if I know I’m going through a busy stretch and won’t have as much time to dedicate to studying. Give it a try, it might help :slight_smile:


This explanation make more sense indeed, maybe could do it but currently I can’t.

Yes, that’s what I meant. Sorry, I didn’t go enough into details.