Is WK enough for Kanji?

An update from me, since I am going at a similar pace and started at a similar time (and also wrote in this thread before):

I was doing WK and Heisig in parallel (but in different languages).
I stopped that completely now. I am only doing WK, not Heisig (but I do reviews in Anki for the ones I know).
I am doing KaniWani for vocab and I think it helps me a lot doing vocab “both ways”.
For the same reason I am also doing this: [Version 1.05 | 2016-01-31] Anki deck for kanji writing practice
This kind of replaces what I was doing with Heisig, since I have Kanji stroke order and recall for Kanji, but for the ones I learned with WaniKani.

I am doing all available reviews in the morning and 5 lessons.
At ca. 4 pm I am doing all reviews again and when I am feeling good I am doing another 5 lessons.
Then in the evening I am doing reviews when I have time, making sure I get the “4 hour reviews” for the things I learned in the afternoon so I have the 8 hour wait for reviews when I sleep.

I am quite happy with this setup now.

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