Is this normal? (avatars)


Everyone who hasn’t set an avatar, now looks like this to me. Is this normal?


I still see the WaniKani turtle shell default.


I fear viruses or something. Hopefully it’s a userscript or something like that, but don’t know which.

Is that a durtle or a parrot? :thinking: I can’t tell :sweat_smile:

Looks more like an upside down skull to me.

Mine is still WK turtle default just like @Belthazar said.

I don’t think that’s normal.

I still see blue turtle shells.

:eyes: I know what this is.

You’re using my transparent theme, and since it for unknown reasons can’t be installed by some people I posted the CSS preloaded with my settings, which has that image as the default avatar. You can set it back to default (and I’ll edit that post with the CSS as well) by putting this url here in the style


That’s a valiant effort to spice up the default avatar, Kumirei, but that gif just doesn’t scale well.


It’s been working just fine for me, but it was never intended to be the default for the theme. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:


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