Is there some app similar to wanikani?

What I’m trying to say is if there is something [App, Webpage] that can teach you vocabulary like wanikani, but with no kanjis, only hiragana or katakana.

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Hi ShyDau,

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what is your reasoning behind wanting only hiragana or katakana?

are you perhaps more interested in learning to speak than to read?

Yeh, I think so. I would like to know how some stuff are called, and in that way, after learning the writing, learn the kanjis.

You might be able to use in such a way and skip all kanji vocab items. I don’t believe it does srs though.

To be honest I think you would quickly find this approach frustrating, as there are lots of words in Japanese with the same or similar pronunciation, which means that you would need to have a really good grasp of grammar to be able to parse a sentence only written in Hiragana/Katakana.

Kanji might feel a little intimidating at first, but because they represent concepts, it actually helps a lot with reading.

With that in mind though, you may find that skipping written word altogether at first might be key, and you would get more immediate enjoyment from just starting with talking, in which case a tutor would be great.

Once you get a taste and want to be able to enjoy Japanese on your own, then WaniKani will still be here :wink:

but also consider taking a look at the link @Anna_the_first provided as well!

Thanks, I’m checking it out right now, I think that’s what I need it, even tho I’ve just watched a little bit.

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Yeh, thanks for saying that, I aprecciate it, but even tho there are similar words, it’ll only be a few words i want to learn, like stuff you have at home [PC/Bed] and some basic words [Door/Arm]. Then, I’ll come back to wanikani and learn more kanji. is really good. I like that they give you i + 1 sentences. is also very good if you want a little more gamey feel.


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Yeah, that one. I havent used it in a while as you can see xD

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