Is there any way to force burns?

There’s a whole bunch of items I really, really do not need to still be reviewing, but I am a lousy student, and can’t focus to save my life so I end up answering them wrong from time to time during reviews. I’ve known numbers / months / days for almost a decade at this point. It is a waste of my time reviewing that stuff, but I can’t get it to the level I need. It’s frustrating, becuase there’s still so so much I actually don’t know and I’m wasting my time with January, and muika, and…

actually, another question. how am I supposed to know WHICH pronunciation it wants for words with multiple? Sometimes I’ll see moon, which I’ve known to be pronounced gatsu, getsu, and tsuki for, again, almost a decade, but I’ll give it the wrong one and bam, i’m knocked down a level. It’s very discouraging. Thanks.

When the background is purple, it’s looking for the vocabulary reading. When it’s pink it’s looking for the reading that you learned with the kanji.

When used on its own, 月 is a word that is read as つき. As a standalone kanji, Wanikani accepts either がつ or げつ. When used in a compound word, whether it’s がつ or げつ depends on which word it is in.

It’s important to know when you’re reviewing vocabulary and when you’re reviewing the kanji on its own. During a kanji review (and only during a kanji review), WaniKani will forgive you if you put the vocabulary reading and it will ask you again.


Vocabulary doesn’t impact your level at all. I guess having lots of them in apprentice could make it annoying to do reviews though.


You can use the WaniKani Double-Check Userscript to override wrong answers. Be careful not to abuse it though. For most people, being unable to get an item right consistently due to “accidental mistakes” often means they don’t know it as well as they think they do. (Not saying this is necessarily true for you, but something to keep in mind…)

There is no way to force burns, but it would be possible in theory to make a script that automatically answers an item correctly every time it comes up without you having to see it. I don’t think anyone has written on which does this though.


i;ll certainly have to make note of that first part. i never knew what the colors meant. i’m just frustrated having to waste time on stuff i know like the back of my hand, because i have to review like 80 things, so i move too quickly and end up seeing a 月 as a 日 , which is something that’s never happened in any other context. My japanese is laughable, but I lived over there for over a year, I got THAT MUCH down at least smh.

I also sometimes accidentally write pronunciation when it wants translation, and that’s a strike. i don’t know how long it takes to recover from strikes, but it seems like it’s a really long time.

this is certainly helpful. just installed it, hopefully it does the trick from here on.

[edit] i installed it, it doesn’t seem to work? if the answer is wrong i don’t get a second chance.

[edit2] oh nm, i got it <_<

I would just stick with it, and if you do get them wrong due to going too fast or lack of focus then just slow down a bit :slight_smile:

It’s not a race.

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Right now these kanji make up a large part of your reviews, but as you progress you’ll have a lot more items, so the number of times you’ll misread like this will also go down.


It sounds like you just need to slow down a notch. Everyone will misread kanji on their own from time to time, so this is something you’ll have to learn to accept. Others have already pointed out the importance to understand the colors during reviews, and that’s central to getting the reviews right as well.

When you make these mistakes, it means you don’t actually know the visuals of the kanji as well as you think. You might now their meaning, but on their own, you still struggle to identify which is what. And this is called interference in learning: 2 similar things are confused for each other.

I suggest installing the Leech Trainer script as it helps a lot with this specifically.

It’s also my most common mistake for kanji by far. But, alo allowing the SRS to do its thing is what will help you sort things out. Overriding that process, will only come back to bite you. So, I really wanna caution you against using the Override script, especially since you’re still in the stage of just learning how to use WK.

You can do this. Just slow down and make the effort to spell stuff correctly. Do your own mental double check before pressing enter. Only go as fast as you can manage.

Good luck!


you don’t know me. i’ve never made these mistakes outside of this program. telling me i don’t know the difference between 月 and 日, you might as well be telling me i don’t know the difference between to and too because i made a typo.

I didn’t mean this as an insult in any way. I wanted to point out that interference is a common thing when learning kanji. And the issue gets greater the further along you get. So, slowing down now and taking your time with reviews is how to get them right. Just overriding your wrong answers will only come back to bite you in the end.

Because right now you just have a few items do (you mentioned 80 (that’s not a lot, 400+ is a lot) and are already struggling. Things will only escalate from now on, so it’s a good time to focus on learning how to learn using WK in the beginning.

Such as : finding your routines, ways to organize your reviewing (scheduling etc), how many lessons to do daily, how to handle leeches, what about grammar studies outside of WK or listening practice etc. How best to use notes during lessons. All of that and more.

There’s so much more you can focus on right now that will help build a good foundation for you further studies on WK.

It didn’t sound from your original post that you’ve gotten into it yet (especially since you didn’t know the significance of colors during reviews!), so, this is just for your benefit I made that comment. It’s always a bit rough in the beginning, but then you settle into it hopefully.

Good luck!


I would also add that it won’t take long for these early kanji to be far down the SRS pipe that you will not encounter them that often, so just take it slow get them right since you already know them and you won’t see them for a very long time :slight_smile:

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