Is There Any List Out There Comparing Wanikani Radical Names to RTK Primitive Names?

I am trying to find the Heisig primitive names for all the Wanikani radicals because I am starting RTK and also using an Anki deck based on it. I felt an easy way to remember the Heisig names would be if I could make a story that combines the Heisig name of the radical with the Wanikani name.

For example “On my head (Wanikani name) I’m wearing a hood (RTK name)”


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Is this an accurate list of the Heisig names? Because I reckon I could easily use that to make the list you desire.

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Seems it! Thanks. Now I just have to cross reference it against a list of Wanikani radical names

Any concern of confusing yourself learning two sets of names for the same radical? Or in being less time efficient in adding all these extra RTK cards in an Anki deck, which are duplicating stuff you’re already going to be covering in WK…?

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I’m not adding or creating anything. It’s a pre-made Heisig deck. It’s a deck that uses stories that involve component radicals except it uses the Heisig names rather than the Wanikani names for them.

I just realized you said you could do it. Thank you, I would be so appreciative!

Here we go. Took longer than I expected. Since I’d already made a list of WaniKani radicals compared to official radicals, I thought it’d be fairly easy, but the database I chose made it a little non-trivial, especially with its ridiculous dependence on using spot-the-difference rather than Unicode to explicitly idenfity radicals. I’ve removed as many of those as I can, but there’s still some remaining; mostly the ones that simply don’t exist in Unicode - basically, if the “Radical” column displays two or more kanji in square brackets, the radical being referred to is whatever components those kanji have in common.

Many of the more complicated radicals are entire kanji on WaniKani in their own right, but I’ve decided to identify them by which radicals make them up. If you want me to use the kanji name instead, I probably could. For two radicals, the ones named “turtle” and “belt”, the radical was left blank, so I’ve simply inserted the WaniKani radicals with the same meaning. For the one identified as “tail feathers” towards the bottom, I’ve not the foggiest idea what part is being referred to, so I’ve left that as “???”.

(Also, the list I found was behind the ol’ “give us your credit card number for a free trial” type paywall, bleh. I used PayPal, so I figure if they don’t comply with my unsubscribe, I can sic PayPal’s lawyers on them.)

Lesson Radical Heisig Keyword WaniKani Name
1 one, floor, ceiling Ground
1 diced, seven Spoon
1 baseball, nine Nine
1 needle, ten Cross
1 mouth Mouth
1 sun, day, tongue wagging in the mouth Sun
1 moon, flesh, part of the body Moon
1 rice field, brains Rice Paddy
1 eyeball Eye
2 old Old
2 early, sunflower Early
3 walking stick Stick
3 drop of Drop
3 oneself, nose, nostrils Self
3 white, dove White
3 round Circle
3 glue Measurement
3 specialty, acupuncturist Specialty
3 divining rod Toe
3 [朝乾韓left side] mist Morning
4 animal legs Fins
4 human legs Legs
4 wind Table
4 bound up Prison
4 bound up (variant) Prison (variant)
4 horns Horns
4 shells, oyster, clam Shellfish
4 head Geoduck
5 fish hook Nose
5 fish hook (variant) Right half of “table”
5 [具真last three strokes] tool Ground + Fins
5 by one’s side Narwhal
5 craft Construction
5 sword, dagger (saber) Sword
5 sword, dagger (saber) (variant) Knife
5 seduce Call
5 wealth Scarecrow
5 street, nail, spike Street
6 child Child
6 woman Woman
6 breasts, Nintendo DS Window
6 breasts, Nintendo DS (variant) Sun+Drop
6 elder brother, teenager Older Brother
7 little Small
7 little (variant) Triceratops
7 St. Bernard, large dog Big
7 cliff Cliff
7 evening Evening
7 stone Stone
7 resemblance, spark, candle Triceratops+Moon
8 stream (stream, flood) River
8 stream (stream, flood) (variant) Flood
8 water Water
8 water (variant) Tsunami
8 water (variant) Water (variant)
8 spring White+Water
8 in the middle Middle
8 ground, soil, dirt, land Dirt
8 squared jewel, ivy Dirt x2
8 fire, fireplace, conflaguration (flames, couldron) Fire
8 fire, fireplace, conflaguration (flames, couldron) (variant) Boil
9 ri, logic, computer Village
9 hood, glass canopy Head
9 same, monk Same
9 house Roof
10 tree, wood Tree
10 wooden pole Angel
10 flower (Chinese form of the radical - obsolete)
10 flower Flowers
10 graveyard Greenhouse
11 turtle Turtle
11 hairy, portent Omen
11 small dog Dog
11 pack of wild dogs Animal
11 cow Cow
11 cow (variant) Cow (variant)
11 cow (variant) Cow (variant)
12 [介全企 top part] umbrella Hat
12 [今令合] meeting Possibly Hat+Ground
12 king, scepter King
12 jewel, ball King+Drop
12 jewel, ball (variant) King+Drop
12 gold, metal Gold
12 candlestick Master
13 road, way Scooter
13 car, cart, wagon, vehicle Car
13 [輸前] butcher Ground+Moon+Knife
13 walking legs Winter
14 crown Forehead
14 chariot Forehead+Car
14 top hat Lid
14 [坑抗 right side] whirlwind Lid+Table
14 [高享] tall Possibly Lid+Mouth
14 [舎周] lidded crock Possibly “Cottage”
14 lap, helmet Circumference
14 samurai Samurai
14 aerosol can Good Luck
15 [学覚栄 top part] schoolhouse, class Viking
15 brush Brush
15 taskmaster Winter (variant)
15 say, saying, speech, words Say
16 arrow Ceremony
16 [弐武] quiver Ceremony+Ground
16 fiesta Drunkard
16 [栽載] Thanksgiving Drunkard+Cross
16 parade Become
16 [威滅] march Possibly Drunkard+Slide
16 [桟銭浅 right side] float Bar
17 stop, footprint Stop
17 mending Correct
17 stretch Yoga
17 zoo Coat Rack
18 garment Clothes
18 cloak Spirit (variant)
18 [遠環 bottom half of right side] scarf Part of Zombie
18 top hat & scarf Clothes
18 towel Towel
18 [帯帝 lower half] apron Possibly Forehead+Towel
18 belt Belt
18 rising cloud Cloud
18 rain, weather Rain
18 ice Ice
18 heavens Heaven
18 [橋嬌 right side] angel Heaven+Mouth+Mustache
18 stand up, vase Stand
18 antique Mohawk
18 spoon, someone sitting on the ground Spoon
18 [渇謁褐 right side] siesta Sun+Prison+Spoon
18 [毎乞 top part] reclining, lying down Gun
18 double back, fold in half Black Hole
18 yawn, lack Lack
18 next, second Next
19 muzzle Clown
19 sound Sound
19 [識職 right side] kazoo Sound+Drunkard
19 [鏡境 right side] mirror Stand+See
19 deceased, to perish Death
19 direction, compass Direction
19 devil Guard
19 formerly, increase Mask
19 east, the East, sun through the trees East
19 [妊廷] porter King (variant)
21 scorpion Alligator
21 insect Insect
21 self, snake Oneself
21 wrap Wrap
21 [亀電竜] eel Rice Paddy+Umbrella
21 sow Pig
21 [腸場湯remove日] piglets Wing+Ground
21 piggy bank Easy+Ground
21 sheep Sheep
21 wool Horns+King+Slide
21 turkey Turkey
21 noon, horse Noon
21 [歓権観] Pegasus Arrow+Turkey
21 feathers Feathers
22 sayeth Sun (variant)
22 pent in Mouth (variant)
22 广 cave Canopy
22 heart (state of mind, valentine) Heart
22 heart (state of mind, valentine) (variant) Soul
22 heart (state of mind, valentine) (variant) Small+Drop
23 hand Hand
23 fingers Fingers
23 two hands Twenty
23 genius, genie Genius
23 [存在 outside] genie in a bottle Narwhal+Stick
23 from, fist Stairs
23 reach out, outstretched hands Escalator
23 [丈史] arm, tucked under the arm Not a radical
23 crotch Stool
23 missile Weapon
23 spool Tombstone
23 claw, vulture Claw
23 claw, vulture (variant) Cleat
23 [乳浮] fledgling Cleat+Child
23 [受愛瞬] birdhouse Cleat+Forehead
23 elbow Private
23 [会至] wall Private+Ground
23 [育充 top part] infant Trash
24 mountain Mountain
24 enter, to go in, to put in Enter
24 [鉛沿 right side] gully Fins+Mouth
25 [賞党堂 top part] outhouse Viking+Mouth
25 bone Yakuza
25 sunglasses Dance
25 ear Ear
25 [慢漫 right side] mandala Sun+Net+Stool
25 drop, to lose Fault
25 slave, retainer Servant
25 power, muscle Power
25 going Go
25 a column going, line of something Loiter
25 boulevard Go
26 wheat, cereal Grain
26 rice, United States, Americans Rice
26 [漆様] rice, grains of rice Water (variant)
26 bamboo Bamboo
27 person, Mr. T Person
27 person, Mr. T (variant) Leader
27 [座卒傘] assembly line Person+Cross
28 plow Lion+Drop+Person
28 puzzle Lantern+Horns
28 shredder Penguin
29 [施旋遊] banner Direction+Gun
29 [旅派] rag Tofu
29 not, knot Wing
29 flag Flag
29 shaku, shakuhachi Shrimp
29 door Door
30 show (altar) Jackhammer
30 show (altar) (variant) Spirit
30 shoot, sprout, wherefore Reason
30 roots, pushing down, armor Turtle Shell
30 speaketh, monkey Humble
31 axe Axe
31 reject Axe+Drop
31 saw Key
31 broom Wolverine
31 [争事] rake Brush (variant)
31 sieve Brush+Water
31 [伊君] mop Wolverine+Slide
31 comb Rake
31 shovel Box
31 measuring cup Ladle
31 utilize, screwdriver Task
32 salad Long Ago
32 廿 twenty Part of Yurt
32 [庶席] caverns Yurt
32 [奔噴] haystack Cross+Flowers
32 straw man Gambler
32 half Half
32 [券巻 top part] quarter Gladiator
32 one-sided One Sided
32 building blocks, Zorro Hills+Drop
32 negative Not
33 dart Arrow
33 halberd Spear
33 [班帰] spear Knife (variant)
33 bow Bow
33 dollar sign Dollar
33 [巧号] snare Beggar
33 [与考] slingshot Beggar (variant)
34 somebody Body
34 old man Coffin+Spoon
34 old man (variant) Coffin
34 someone, puppet Someone
34 [峡狭 right side] scissors Horns+Husband
34 [追師] maestro Drop+Bear
34 father Father
34 leg, wooden leg Foot
34 skeleton Bone
34 [禍渦] jawbone Mustache x2
35 pinnacle Building
35 hole Hole
35 paper punch Pi
35 hill Axe+Ground
36 thread, Spiderman Thread
36 cocoon Poop
36 mysterious Mysterious
36 yarn, lineage Lineage
37 stamp Stamp
37 chopseal Orders
37 [犯厄] fingerprint Snake (variant)
37 [宛苑] mailbox Evening+Snake
37 [留貿remove刀] receipt Private (variant)
37 [印興] staples Comb (variant)
38 sign of the bird, whiskey bottle Alcohol
38 beans, table Beans
38 drum Drum
38 dish Plate
38 silver Root
38 halo, good Good
38 eat, food Eat
38 waitress Obsolete in modern Japanese
38 waitress (variant) Obsolete in modern Japanese
39 even, water lily Peace
39 sheaf Treasure
39 earthworm Barracks
39 spicy Spicy
39 [新親 left half] red pepper plant Stand+Tree
39 ketchup Hot Pepper
39 cornucopia Vines
39 [菱陸] rice seedling Dirt+Legs
39 sign of the hog, acorn Slice
39 [述術] resin Angel+Drop
39 celery Well
39 grass skirt Nurse
40 [毒素] grow up Life (variant)
40 life, cell Life
40 [峰縫拝] bushes Dry x2
40 Christmas tree Plow
40 [春泰 top part] bonsai Spring
40 [奉 bottom parti] cornstalk Dry (variant)
40 cabbage Boot
40 [漢嘆 right side] scarecrow Chinese
40 [華垂] silage Car (variant)
41 now, clock Now
41 beforehand Beforehand
41 concurrently Mona Lisa
41 西 West, Old West West
41 West, Old West (variant) Helicopter
42 gates Gate
42 un-, jail cell Criminal
42 key Hook
42 [決快 right side] guillotine Person+Hook
42 locket Korea
43 dry, clothesline Dry
43 [芋宇 bottom part] potato Dry (variant)
43 too much, scale Surplus
43 [険検倹 right side] awl Squid
44 sickness, caveman Sick
44 box Cage
44 teepee Tent
44 pup tent Charcoal
45 shape Hair
45 sentence, plaid Writing
45 丿 fence posts Slide
45 fence posts Stick
45 [塁楽] sparkler Explosion
45 red Red
45 [変跡] apple Red (variant)
45 mosaic Angle
46 wicker basket, sweet Sweet
46 bushel basket, rook Crab
46 [貴遣] purse Insect (variant)
47 shelf Top Hat
47 row Line Up
47 [湿繊霊] row (below a radical) Spikes (variant)
47 [業撲僕] upside down in a row (atop radical) Spikes
47 together Together
47 [港恭] strung together Together
48 angle Angle
48 funnel Lifeguard
48 scrapbook Bookshelf
49 family name Clan
49 [低抵] calling card, business card Clan+Ground
49 dog tag Wedding
49 city walls Building
50 drag Cliff (variant)
50 [段remove殳] staple gun Comb
50 [幻司] clothes hanger Cape
50 boat Boat
51 [呉remove口,tool] hand crank Possibly Lion
51 completely water Coral
52 animal tracks Sickle
52 turn, pair of dice Number
52 tusk Fang
52 fur Fur
52 [宅託] lock of hair Slide+Seven
52 [鳥馬] tail feathers ???
52 long Long
52 [bottom half of 長] hairpin Kick
52 hair (atop radical) Long (variant)
52 [top half of 長] mane Comb (variant)
53 owl Grass
53 migrating ducks Football
53 gnats Mantis
53 talking cricket Splinter
53 [逆塑] mountain goat Barracks (variant)
53 [揺謡 right side] condor Satellite
53 skunk Badger
53 excuse, rabbit Excuse
54 team of horses Horse
54 tiger Tiger
54 [薦慶] deer Canopy+Helicopter
54 鹿 painting of a deer Canopy+Helicopter+Compare
55 sign of the dragon, Bruce Lee Landslide
55 [送咲関] golden calf Horns+Heaven
55 ghost, oni Demon
55 [old form of dragon] Imperial
56 broken window Possibly Comb (variant), but unused in WaniKani otherwise
56 snake biting itself Snake

Right, but if you’re doing WaniKani wouldn’t this be duplication of time spent on a single item?

E.g. you will have 口 as a review item in WaniKani, and you will also have it in this Anki deck.

Thanks so much!

Super thanks for this!! Actually I was looking for a simple list of radicals for Heisig and your post came in perfect. Since I was also hesitating to start with WaniKani, I guess that this means it’s probably not a good idea (?) because it’ll mess up what I’ve learned with RTK so far.

Has anyone done that and can give feedback? :slight_smile:

It doesn’t really affect it as you can just rename the Wanikani radicals into whatever you want if you don’t like them/prefer Heisig’s

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Ah I didn’t know! Thanks for the tip :sparkles:

But I thought that you’d build the next kanjis on top of the radicals, so how would WaniKani’s explanations still fit if I rename the radicals?

Yeah, you’d probably need to come up with your own mnemonics for the kanji if you’re going to use different radical names.

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