Is there an Images plug in?

I was wondering if anyone is aware of an images plug in for reviews?
What I’m thinking of is for an image (ones you personally attach to the vocab/kanji or is predetermined) that appears after you’ve answered the question. You answer 公園 a picture of a park appears, you answer 羊 a sheep appears, etc.

I feel this could benefit my ability to recall vocab/nouns/etc as i speak irl which can be quite a struggle.

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the only way i can think of doing it beyond a plug in would be a url pasted into the synonym slot

I though about it myself too! But then I realized there’s too many abstract words for it to be seriously considered.

And it can be pretty tricky to implement because WK backend doesn’t allow storing random user content, such as images. Maybe it’s possible to encode an image and store it in user notes but I’m not sure the text size will allow it. Maybe you could just store a URL to an image stored on a 3rd party service?

Otheriwise, you’d need a custom backend to store all your user images.

Markdown Notes allows you to add images to your notes using markdown ![Name](URL)


I thought about this too. Thank you all-knowing @Kumirei !


Ah thanks I’ll give it a go

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