Is there a resource where we can search kanji with the same Onyomi?

Inspired by Koichi sticks, I’ve been trying to tie together words that have the same onyomi into my mnemonics. It starts to stick, because the story grows as I learn new words with same reading.

LIFE is strange in the BLUE WEST, for instance, started out as “Life is strange in the West” before i learned the kanji “Blue”. They all have “SEI” as onyomi.

As a first step, I can search, but I’d like to see a site that does this for me… Anyone know?

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What are you looking for that has not been provided by search function?

Isn’t there a script for that?

The Semantic-Phonetic Script includes a section for each kanji which highlight on’yomi similarities and phonetic components of kanji, right here on WaniKani! If you want an organized resource of kanji and their phonetic similarities, check out this MA thesis paper which has a large chart of phonetically related kanji starting at page 37. It’s also an interesting read, if you’ve got some time.


You will want phonetic compounds. Also, you can just search in WK for the on-yomi in kana.

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How about LIFE is CORRECT in the BLUE WEST. (正 is せい)

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Just convenience, really. I’d like not to leave the site.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. :smiley:

OHH I didn’t know! THANKS! Now to set up the IME…

Good one! YES, now the sentence is complete and it makes sense! :smiley:

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