Is there a Private Messaging System on Here?

Can we PM people? Like I saw a kanji practice grid posted from an old thread but I forgot to bookmark it. But I remember the username. Is there a way to directly message them?

Nope, sorry. They explained why somewhere.

You can use the @ to alert people in a post. Like this, @lopicake

Haha, I knew you’d respond and you’re actually the person I needed to message. Do you still have that kanji sheet you made where you write the kanji, then the meaning, the reading, etc.? I’ve been practicing just with a regular grid chart but that just helps me write it not remember the meanings.

Also, thanks for the info!

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I thought that might be the case, haha.

in cowboy voice

We don’t believe in privacy here at WaniKani.

Anything you gotta say to Leebo, you gotta say to everyone


hmm nice, i might have to use that digitally. i’d been practicing writing them in photoshop with my wacom tablet. saves on paper too lol.

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TL;DR - Admins have the ability to read PMs which is pretty creepy, so they disabled it.

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