Is 悪因悪果 used often?

I know WK introduces some less than common vocab to drill kanji and am wondering if the phrase?/word? 悪因悪果 is common place or not? I love it!! If not, what would be a more common way to express that sentiment (an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind type thing)?

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It’s a yojijukugo, a four character idiomatic expression. As a category of words they are not used in conversation all that much, but Japanese people know plenty of them. Whether that one in particular is well known, I can’t say.

Edit: this site rates it 0/3 for spoken language and 1/3 for written language, so I’d say it’s not a common one.

Edit 2: according to that same site, one with a similar meaning and more popularity is 因果応報


Ahh, thank you so much! I’ll be using that resource in the future. Much appreciated!! :smiley:

japanese people do a backflip followed by へええええ、すううごおおおおい when you do use an expression like 人里離れた or 長蛇の列

which is kind of fun and a good reason to learn a few.

use them sparsely tho, for maximum effect


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