[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

Ever since the past couple updates, user input for most on’yomi displays as katakana instead of hiragana. Is this intentional?

You can turn that off in Settings, if you want.

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Not sure how I missed that, thought I had checked settings already. Thanks.

I have a big with my lessons. On level 8 曲がる keeps appearing as a vocab item, even the I already did that lesson twice now. It cleared already in WK on the web browser.

I’m using an iPhone SE 2020 and everything is up-to-date.

For a couple of days now i get 3 vocabs in every review. As soon as all reviews are done, it says 3 reviews. Wanikani says 0.
It’s 見分ける ; 切れる and 引き分け. I reviewed them 3 times a day for the last couple of days. They only show up in Tsurukame though.
I logged out and in again, but they’re still there.


Same here, but some people worked it out that it is to do with recent item changes in WK. See @Kraits’ post from another thread.


That’s it, i glanced over that Thread earlier today, but didn’t connect the dots. Thanks.


I also have a slight issue. The app says I have 62 lessons available, while Wanikani itself says I only have 60. I logged back in and it still says 62. Any way to fix this?

Some of the levels of certain items have been shuffled around since the last Tsurukame database update, so it’s probably just that you might do them a little early. It won’t significantly mess up your learning experience or stats afaik.


This is an issue with Tsurukame where the default setting accidentally changed (#445) and has been resolved in the latest beta. See the post below for the link.

By the way, today the old mnemonics are now removed from the website. Don’t forget Tsurukame still has old mnemonics for radicals, and since the old radical mnemonics stored in a local file even on new installs, there will be no changes for any Tsurukame users in the app. Tsurukame did not keep old mnemonics for kanji and vocabulary, but there is a feature request to add them in belatedly anyways. (#452)

If you’d be interested in that, please let us know. :slight_smile:

@IntrepidFox @Gilbycoyote @msennholz @oesterreich Try the official TestFlight beta, where we’ve finally implemented automatically updating databases for assignments too, so you won’t have to wait for an app update for the item level to be corrected.

It works, too. To name one example, Gilbycoyote’s three problematic items are all on level six for me, which matches WaniKani.


Thanks, the beta solved it, as was expected. I had to log out and back in for the reviews to reset.

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Thanks, downloaded!

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I don’t why this isn’t being brought up but does anyone else have visually similar kanji in Wanikani that do not match up with those in tsurukame?

We’re already talking about your issue on GitHub as #451

I’m not sure if this has been raised yet, but since one of the recent updates I’ve been seeing things like this in “show remaining”:

Notice that the headings don’t quite line up with the items that should be beneath them.

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i seem to be having the same issue:

see in particular 僕, listed here as apprentice 1, but with a review in 8 hours (apprentice 1 reviews are max 4 hours), and 2d 7h until guru (would indicate that it’s actually apprentice 3).

first noticed it last level. it doesn’t seem to have any impact on actual level progression.

@smearedink @Mrs_Diss You’ve rediscovered issue #434.

Fortunately, it’s been resolved in the latest TestFlight beta. I reposted the link two days ago, and I’d advise you to also download it. (Naturally, you’ll need the TestFlight app first, but the link will help you to install TestFlight if you don’t have it yet.)

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uhh, what is TestFlight?

I used the TestFlight version briefly a few weeks ago but switched back for some reason. There was something it wasn’t doing, and I chalked it up to just being a quirk of TestFlight, though I have no idea. Now I’m not certain I remember what it was… I think possibly I couldn’t do any reviews offline, which I occasionally like to do.