Interested in Italki - Referral wanted

I’m interested in starting to use italki as a supplementary study resource. I saw a referral reward option.

Can someone share a referral code with me?


These forums don’t have private messaging, just so you’re aware :slight_smile:


Big oof, well I’m glad that’s the thing that’s wrong though. Thanks!

Anyway, can I make this the communal referral thread? If so let em rip and tell me what I can do to spread the learning love.

Referral link! Feel free to use!


Sounds good - maybe just edit the original post to remove the phrase “DM me a code”

Italki is great!
Here’s my referral link if anyone would be so kind…
I think referrals are meant just for friends, but everyone here on WK is my friend, I hope!

I imagine this thread is going to packed full of such links soon! lol!

I’ve only had 34 lessons so far, half were free conversation and half were reading Yotsuba, but they have made a huge difference already. All the teachers I’ve met on italki have been good, but it does takes a bit of time finding the right teacher. Though italki gives you three trials at a lower price so that really helps.

Ideally, in my opinion, you are after someone who sticks to Japanese all the time, unless it is absolutely necessary to use English (or other language), and who knows how to talk slowly and with simple Japanese. The worst thing you can do is have someone who is trying to practice their English during your Japanese lesson, or who talks so fast that you understand nothing.

It is also a good idea to go to the lesson with some idea of things you want to talk about. You could even make a list of topics and / or vocab to use. I also make lists of questions to use, so if the conversation is hitting a dull patch I just as my italki teacher (in Japanese of course) if they would rather be a bird or a bear, or what their favourite smell is, or how many pens they own, etc etc.

Anyway, good luck with italki, it really is brilliant!


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