Input box changes text to hiragana for radicals

I am suddenly having issues reviewing radicals. The input box automatically turns the English letters into hiragana, like it does when asking for kanji/vocab readings.

When I click enter, I do not get a right/wrong result, but a refreshing of the page.



Make sure any scripts are updated, and turn on the script compatibility mode in the settings

Everything is updated, and the script compatibility mode is on already

Have you tried hard refreshing the page?

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I have now, problem still here

My first impression it could be an issue with a script.

Do you have access to another browser (and not running any scripts)? Does it exhibit the same issue? Does disabling all the scripts on your current Chrome browser address the issue? If it does, I would toggle each script one by one to figure out the problem script.

Ah, that seems to really be a problem with the reorder ultimate 2 script. Which sucks, because it’s the one script I am not willing to compromise on ><
But I guess I’ll go and post the problem on the script’s thread to see if anyone else encountered this issue and has a solution

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I made a post in the thread

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Is it intentional that not even the script compatibility mode “fixes” the problem? I thought until now that this mode will get all updates much later.

It is not intentional. We make mistakes.

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No problem, I just wanted to make sure I did not misunderstand :slight_smile:

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