Importing newly burned items to Anki

Hi I’m trying to figure out how I can export burned vocabulary to Anki that hasn’t already been added? For example I burned 25 vocab last week and then added it to anki. this week I burned another 25 new vocab. how can I add just the newly added vocab to anki? I currently have 217 burned vocab words. how can I without having to look through 217 words and trying and remember which ones I have already added in order to find a few new vocab That I just burned to add to Anki? If anyone is also importing there newly burned items to Anki periodically please let me know your method.


I think you could make use of

There you can generate a spreadsheet file with the items you select. You can order vocab words by “burned” status and “burned on” date. So that will be very useful if you intend to add them as they add up.:+1:


Thank you! exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

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